Bug with IDE when create proyect

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I have seen that three times I have created a new proyect with spaces at end of name proyect, for example "my proyect  ", afterwards, I cannot delete this folder, becouse windows does not reconize this folder and apperars message "No se puede encontar este elemento", which  english should be samething as: "I cannot find this element".

I cannot delete those thre folders anyway, not even rename o move or copy and paste to any other place.

I have three folders so, an I will be more carefull to avoid create new proyects withs characters spaces and end of its name.

It is not something serius and I leave those folders "alone" in a its place rip  :D.

I have GLBasiic premium
and my computer is

Windows 7x64 home premium7, Spanish.
model: Asus Notebook N61jq series

Memory ram 4 GB

Card graphic ATI mobilty radeon HD 5730
Memory of graphic card aprox. 2768

Ian Price

To delete a file or folder with a space at the end of its name (or any name that contains special characters), open up Command Prompt (execute cmd.exe)

Go to the containing directory.


Lists all your files - type "dir /w" This will display all files within the containing directory.

Rename the file using the abbreviated name to something, and delete it, e.g.
ren FILE~1 asdf
del asdf

That should solve the problem :)

IIRC rmdir can also help delete a problematic directory.
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@Ian Price

I Have done all yo have tell me and it does not work with this files. "cmd.exe" does not recognizes those folders.

But I apreciate you help  :)

Than you very much!


Windows should have no problems with spaces in the filename - it looks like you've managed to use some invalid character...

Ian was a bit wrong with the DIR command : use DIR *.* /x in the directory with the offending project

Note the 8.3 format of the project and then use DEL <filename> on it.


May be becouse some times I use copy and paste for write title of proyect FROM FORUM and such text could hold some invalid characters , instead write title typing.

I will  do not it from now on, I only will copy and paste examples code from forum, but not for title of proyect, MrTAToad.

Ian Price

QuoteIan was a bit wrong with the DIR command : use DIR *.* /x in the directory with the offending project

It's been a very long time since I used DOS - and the last time was actually for the same purpose; I had a file that I couldn't access or delete. It does work though (if you  use the right commands!)
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Yes, I've had to do that a fair few times as well...