Creating a Windows icon

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What's the easiest way you find to add a customised program icon to a GLBASIC project (desktop Windows)? In the past I've used things like InstallForge with mixed success (sort of works, but doesn't always apply the icon). Is there a way to add an ico file into the settings before compiling?

I'm using v16 Steam edition but have access to earlier versions.

I'm struggling to find answers on the forum threads and help file. Recommendations appreciated!

Kitty Hello

Just create an icon.png file and add it to the project folder. The Compiler will add it as a resource to your exe file.


Thanks.. I've got this working now  8)  To get it working I created a 512x512 png graphic and saved into the project folder, overwriting the default icon.png file. In the distribute this doesn't update the file immediately on my computer. Took me a while to figure this out, but Windows seems to be caching the old icon, leading me to think this wasn't working. Copying the exe file to another folder appears to trigger the icon to update correctly.