Gmax 1.2 (3ds max but free version + export plugins)

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HI guys yesterday I remind 3ds Max has a free version a lot of time ago, in fact it's a tool you can use in GlBasic and if you like 3ds Max it's the same but without a lot of things, but you can make graphics in 3d for games with quality... The soft is discontinued but how I said it's usefull.

I leave the link to turbo Skid... You have to make an account and make a simple registrer for get the key...

Under Virtual Box works fine, only you have to put fix the resolution , not use the fluid mode (you know mix Linux and Windows at the same time).

And I attach all the plugins I found for import and export... I leave too the MD3 importer for blender , runs in the last version of Blender.
I think I add a fileconverter (I don't test) I read it's a tool for multi-formats-

I leave a image too , if you like the UI of Gmax (basically it's the same like the old 3ds max )

I put because 3ds max like a poligonal modeller is a good tool, and this it's totally free, perhaps can be a bit confused at the begin because you have too much boxes to pick, but really is easy.


Just saw this - will see if it works in Windows 10


Don't worry too much about this soft MrT, you have to think this is discontinued, you can use, but you can find very cheaper soft working and with support today.

If you want do 3D take a look to Silo3D I read a lot of people begin with this , hexagon or I think a good option because is actual and working is AC3D and we have a plugin for GLbasic, (only for Win).

** if you don't fin Gmax 1.2 tutorials easily take a look to "3ds max tutorials" version 9 or less, have in mind Gmax is really old soft.

**In fact I always say to new poeple learn Blender, is easy (I understand for a programmer all is very new), but only is find the needed tutorials and time...
I found this, I don't know if they send the DVD at today is a bit outof date... (I try a quick youtube search but I don't find nothing , in youtube you have millions of tutorials).


Hopefully it will be fairly simple to use :)


If you need help comment me, make more than 5 years I don't use 3ds max, but I suppose something I can remnind.


MrT just I find this in youtube, say Begginers perhaps can be usefull.