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I sse this night and I read is an "special" Youtube only for games.


Reminds me of when we would chuck each other to see a hardcore arcade gamer play live, and I had/have a few of my own, specially pinball.
Good thing google jumped into that, not a surprise, since they have their live´stream already going.

We now get into an age of live stuff that anyone has access to, and I like it the way google are doing, other maintainers/exhibitors are doing way super way worse.


If u like pinball watch Special When Lit on youtube...
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Bookmarked, will sure check that out! Thanks!


I love Pinballs, a spent a lot of money playing with this machines, I love the mark Williams, and another called Glotieb but I like more Williams.

I don't know if you meet, but you have a MAME special only for pinballs...
I think is this link (not sure becuase I only see the Score tables) but sure you can fin it, I playes MAME Pinbal some years ago. and I think MAMEPinball have an Editor for do the table you want.


Pinball Arcade is also another excellent recreation or various known and unknown Pinball and they are very well recreated and fully legal licensed:

But it's not cheap but worth the money.

Alternative there is a Future Pinball, also include a editor, but physic and recreation is handled better in pinball Arcade, but this is good for other uses through:

Vpinmame so only emulatate it's cpu and it's screen, but can been combined with Visual Pinball.
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