A Christmas present!

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Kitty Hello

How's things? Did you get all your presents? I hope so for you.
But there's one present you did not open. It's not wrapped nicely, but it's the one that you that shines more than any other. It's the "Christmas" gift.
If you think about the "Christmas" story – god became man - you might wonder "Why would he?". And that is the right question to ask. Why would an almighty, above-all god want to become human like us? The rich one get poor, the high get low, the infinite get limited? The answer is found in the end of his human life.
God describes Himself as a "holy God", that is clean and without sin. And as such, there can't be any sin in His presence. Which is a problem, because I am a sinner? There are many things in my life that are not correct and I know that. I don't know you, but God told us in Rom:3,23 that "there is no difference, all have sinned". And this sin is a gap between God and us. This gap, however, was closed when Jesus Christ came and paid for our sins. The innocent had himself punished for the guilty, the immortal died for the mortal.
It's a gift. It's for free. It promises freedom from fear of "what comes next?" and restores the broken community with God.
"His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6)
That's what's inside the "box". It's there for you, waiting to be opened.
And it's just one prayer away. Get into a lockable room, tell Him where your life went wrong and take the promise that it has been paid for. Take peace for good.
You might have a hard time – break up, got unemployed, a disease. I can't promise you a change. But I experienced peace and freedom in getting Jesus as my saviour. A good counsellor in all situations. He never let me alone. A friend. A loving and caring father.


Good morning and Merry Christmas!
As a christian or at least a believer on god this was a pleasant reading for me. Thanks! But there're always times that I have where I almost lose my trust. I had it behind me shortly. Now I feel things may become balanced again. It's hard to describe...
However, this is what I wanted to tell. Have a good time!
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Good Mornig from here and good Christmas too... very nice the Gernnot post , I believe in another way but I think it's the same... I hope this 2015 will be better for all people...
Enjoy your time, tha's always DEC live,1  =D


Tks for the message and marry xmas to us all.


While I'm not a religious person, I do appreciate your message Gernot, I hope everyone's had a peaceful and happy Christmas too!  :)


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