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GLBasic - en / Re: ShellEND on Pocket PC
« on: 2008-Oct-06 »

Thats good news,  chalk another sale when thats out.  (im still on trial)

GLBasic - en / SPLITSTR Error...
« on: 2008-Oct-06 »
SPLITSTR ignores delimters that contain no data.  This is important for loading in CSV files  :S

take the code

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
test$ ="1,,3"
num = SPLITSTR(test$, splits$[], ",")
FOR i=0 TO num-1
PRINT ">"+splits$[i]+"<", 0, 20*(i+1)

I would expect the return to be

instead it ignores the empty array and produces


GLBasic - en / ShellEND on Pocket PC
« on: 2008-Oct-06 »

I can seem to get SHELLEND to run anything on the POCKET PC ?   Does the PocketPc not support this function ?


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