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Here it is, the first public release... I am waiting for your comments :whistle:,0,0,0,27,2691

GLBasic - en / GL Basic 6
« on: 2008-Oct-03 »

I see in the glbasic website that there is a version 6. How can we get it?


Stay tune... the first RC will be released this WE on

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic Logo...
« on: 2008-Sep-08 »
I am under Windows XP SP3 on a netbook medion...

I just checked with Firefox and it works.

The strange thing is that when I download the svg file with Google Chrome, Inkscape is unable to open it... But with IE7 or Firefox, no problem  :S

Anyway, I finally could download it...

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic Logo...
« on: 2008-Sep-08 »

I get the following error in Chrome
This page contains the following errors:

error on line 55 at column 42010: AttValue: ' expected
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic Logo...
« on: 2008-Sep-07 »

Thanks... but it looks like the file is corrupted: an error occur when trying to view it in Google Chrome... but also with Inkscape :(


GLBasic - en / Sound Duration
« on: 2008-Sep-07 »
Hello all,

I am looking how to handle the duration of a sound.
The idea is to play a sound (a beep) when the player touch the screen (on a GP2X). As long as the player keeps touching the screen, I want the sound to be played without interruption. When the player releases the screen, then the sound stops.

It should sound like:

beep (short)
beeeep (longer)
beeeeeep (even longer)
beeee..........eeeeeeep (very long)

Thanks for your help!


GLBasic - en / GLBasic Logo...
« on: 2008-Sep-07 »

Is there GLBasic logos available for download.
In the Credits screen of the game I am currently developping, I would like to add a GLBasic logo.
Ideally, the logo should be in SVG format so we can resize it at will with inkscape :)



GLBasic - en / Re: FOR and FOREACH
« on: 2008-Sep-07 »
Thanks for this advice. I will follow it.

Note to glbasic authors: it would be helpfull to mention the LOCAL/GLOBAL status of counters for loops commands.


GLBasic - en / CLOSEFILE: error in the help
« on: 2008-Sep-07 »
Hello marvellous GLBasic developpers....

I would lke to mention an error in the help file for the command CLOSEFILE:
the help file mention the following syntax:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
while it actually is
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
CLOSEFILE channel#
without parentheses.

I mention this because it took me some times before to find this out...


GLBasic - en / FOR and FOREACH
« on: 2008-Sep-06 »
Hello all,

In the help, I read for "FOREACH" the following
FOREACH ref in feld[]

During the loop, "ref" will be a pointer (BYREF) variable to each element in the array.
You do not need to define "ref" as LOCAL.
It will be done automatcally, and it will invalid after the corresponding NEXT command.

I am wondering wether it is also the case with the "FOR" command: do we need to define the counter as LOCAL or is it done automatically?

Best regards


Wow, François!  I really like the looks of that.  The graphics are gorgeous.

THanks :) The graphics are from Nicosmos, a french member of
I am just the developper in GLBasic.

When Nicosmos sent me his first pictures, I was completely amazed! Indeed, I also think his graphics are gorgeous. It is very pleasant for me to develop this simple game with such quality graphics.

The game will be released in the next few days (probably without sounds, we are looking how to create the right atmosphere)



I would like to announce the very soon availability of SimOniZ for GP2X (F100 & F200) with full support of the touchscreen on the F200.

Pictures are available here

Of course, it is being developped with GLBasic... ;)

Wiz first  =D
Definitely Wiz support!!! Please!!!

Thanks for the exemple... it really helps  :)

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