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Does anyone have a recommendation for Sound/Music Artist? I'm looking for someone that does Electronic/Trance kind of music.
Kitty rocks it like a hurricane. :good:
Thanks for the heads up. I barely visit the front now, I just usually swing to the forums.
Which IRC Channel/Server would this be held on?
Would a Switch/Case statement block work for you in this case and then just call functions for doing the math?
Look like Lodsys wasn't put off by Apple's letter. They decided to actually file suits against the developers.
I honestly think Apple should go after them and take them through the cleaners. For one invalidating these patents would be a start.
Software Patents are a true sham.
I chose everyday except Tuesday. I hate Tuesday, nothing good happens on that day. Since that's UK time, for us here in the US that would be 8:00 our time which is awesome.
Don't want to kill the buzz about this but if you read the comments it sounds like the author is not going to let anyone use this for commercial purposes.
Post #68 is the reference to that for cgmusic.
Think of it as a way to get involved with Console Game Development.
Pretty neat I'd say.
Maybe this should a feature that is implemented in a future version of GLBasic?
I think it's an easy way for them to steal ideas. Please give us your ideas and we'll let you know if we like them to give you money. Oh I'm sorry, you're idea wasn't a hit. A month later "your" game is out on the market under "their" banner and it's #1.
This is really about the oldest scam in the book.
The only way I'd give it up is if they signed an NDA that I had a lawyer write up.
FAQ / Re: First contact
I'll admit it, I'm a complete noob when it comes to programming games. I've done some business tools but that's about it really. My problem was with the game loop cycle. For me it was like, how do you capture all these pieces of data at once. How do you get Input, to move this item here at the same time that this enemy is flying at you etc.... I had seen the cycle, but thought it looked too slow.
Then I got into XNA programming with C# which laid out the Cycle and playing around with that I got a Pong Clone done up for my Beginning C# Class Final Program turn in which I got 200/200 points for it. It also included the class sound ;)
With those results, I was motivated to do better so I kept on reading and learning.
Fast Forward to Summer of 2010. I was looking to start doing iPhone programming and I didn't exactly want to learn Objective-C even though I can do C/C++ Programming. The syntax for it is the worst. I found GLBasic. I thought, Basic, why the heck would I want to program in Basic Syntax. So I grabbed the demo and started to look at the documentation. Seemed simple enough so I said what the heck, why not. Grabbed the full copy and here I am writing what I will consider to be my first true game and it's working out really great! I believe I'm currently at about 55% done and started the project back in March, but the main component of the game is working, I just need to work out the rest of the game.
GLBasic has been a great tool to work with and the community here has been really awesome.

Cool, thanks for letting me take a look at that. I see that you limited Webos to 100 Sprites, does it run slower with more than 100?
Sure no problem. I will be putting in a Credit Page and throwing your name in the credit page for the handy AppTimer system.