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@ trucidare,

I have looked at the developer folder on my mac, where xcode is installed, and also the compiler folder for glbasic, but I am not entirely clear what I need to put where.
I have some guesses, but I am not entirely clear, and was wondering if I could please request a bit of help getting started using the iphone api.

Thank in advance!

Thanks again Quentin for this advice  :),

I will try both of these, and will post back with my results.

OK, I tried, and as I suspected, it only seems to play one sound file at a time.
Thanks for the information anyway, I will find some way to do what I need.

OK, Thanks for the reply Quentin.

I will try that, although I am not hopeful that it will work for me in this instance unfortunately.
Unless I can play multiple musics simulaneously. Keeping fingers crossed as I go back to experimenting  :)

Hi all,

Is there a way to change the volume of a sound, while the sound is already playing, or is it only possible to set the volume when the sound is initiated?
If it is possible, it would be very useful in my current project, so any help is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Personally, this is my vector graphics editor of choice.

I have been a CG guy, both 2D and 3D since about 1992.
I was a long time adobe guy, until I discovered Xara, and really have not looked back.
I never touch illustrator, and only occasionally do I need photoshop.
I also used Corel many years ago.
Xara is just very fast, easy to use, and priced very reasonably compared to the others, especially adobe.
And it handles alpha for png very simply.

For 3D work, I use modo.
A bit on the expensive side, but still a bargain compared to max or maya, and very nice interface.

I know this was off topic, but figured I would point out Xara since the topic of editors was mentioned.
Hi again Gernot,

I solved my problem, although the solution is not as elegant as I would like.
Instead of loading each sound once with 2 sound slots, I load each sound twice with a single sound slot.
I now just added a phase parameter to my type which holds the data for each sound object, and switch the phase back and forth to play the two loaded instances as an overlapping loop.

It now works as expected, including on iPhone, and as long as I don't encounter memory issues when the app is developed further, I guess it is a reasonable solution.
I do worry though that this method wastes memory unnecessarily though.

Hi Gernot,

I tried changing my sound instance timing, and reduced my sound slots loaded per sound to 2.
My samples are 1000ms long, and the instance loop is set to >500ms, so I am using no more than 2 instances of a sound at one time.
I still am getting the stuttering on iphone, and my new settings still work well on PC.
I am not certain, but it seems the sound slots are not working properly on iphone.
I am using a 3GS, with the latest update to OS4.

Thanks Gernot,

I will try limiting to 2 sound slots, alter my timing so there are never more than two instances of a sound, and see if it resolves the problem.
If that turns out to solve the problem, I will need to rework my sound samples to work well with the altered timing, which is a shame, because the effect was perfect on my PC, but I guess I will have to accept that as limits of the device I am targeting.

I will post back with my results.

Hi all,

I have a general question about sounds on iphone.
I have a project which uses looped sounds, which overlap each other for a smooth loop, with simple cross fading.
The duration of the samples are exactly 1000 ms, and I initiate repeats at 334 ms, so there are never more than 3 instances of a sound at one time.
I currently have the channels parameter set to 4, although based on this timing, I am sure I can also set it to 3.

This is working perfectly and as expected on PC, however the sounds are stuttering on iphone. It sounds as though iphone only handles 2 instances of a sound, rather than 3 or 4.
Is this indeed the case, and I need to adapt my method, or is it more likely something wrong with my code which the PC was handling more elegantly than iphone.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

If you want your code to look complicated, you'll  <3 this language.   :S
Announcements / Re: V8 beta
Or the ability to add custom keywords and custom folding.
In purebasic, I use ;Segment_SomeDescription and ;EndSegment for folding sections of code.
Very useful, and keeps things looking tidy.

nose? (hopefully) :S

Note to self: If I ever meet ole Steve, don't try his iPad.
Also, consider that by building well thought out functions, code can be easily reused among your projects.
Why write the same code over and over again, when you can just create a function which can be used whenever appropriate.

Thanks for the feedback matchy.
I am glad that it is not just something dumb I was doing (always considered a possibility  :P).