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Hi MrTAToad,

Yes, that makes sense, and probably explains it.
Thanks for that, now that I have it working, I will be able to spend some time with it.
Knowing Gernot's work on GLBasic's previous versions, I have no doubt it will be very nice as always.  :nw:

Hi Gernot,

Well that is strange, there were many keys, although admittedly a large percent of them pointed to my projects, so obviously created automatically as I worked in GLBasic.
There must have been at least a dozen others though which did not point directly to my projects.

Anyway, I searched 'GLBasic' backed up everything I found, then deleted, and now it works.

Thanks okee,

Your advice did not work directly, but it lead me to the solution.
I uninstalled, deleted everything, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted, and still no compiling.

Then I took it a step further, and did everything above, plus searched the registry for all references to GLBasic, and deleted them.
I then reinstalled, and it works as expected, although I had to re-enter my license key of course.

I don't think I need more help, it works on my machine now.
Do you know why the registry may have prevented the new version from working on my machine though?
Is this perhaps expected in XP, or was this unusual, and worth investigating what went wrong?

Your post had me worried, I thought perhaps that would be an incompatibility for me as well   :blink:
I am very glad that wasn't the case, I can't afford a hardware or OS upgrade right now.

Hi Gernot,

I uninstalled 9.003, and downloaded a fresh copy of 9.006, and still have the same problem, I can't compile at all.

As I explained in an earlier post, I ran dependency walker, and it showed these two dlls as missing:

According to a quick google search, these dlls are for IE8, and for Windows Vista+.
XP does not include these dlls.

What can I do to fix this so I can get back to my GLBasic projects?

Hi Gernot,

It says that the following two dependencies are missing.


BTW, I am using WindowXP Pro SP3

Hi Gernot,

I just downloaded the new version and I am getting this error in the console every time I try to compile and run

Code (glbasic) Select

*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
*** create process failed

I have tried with several projects which were working, as recently as yesterday using 9.001.
This happens with all.

I even tried with this, directly from your documentation, and same problem.
Code (glbasic) Select


Is this a bug, or have I done something wrong?

Thanks Leginus,

I hope it is useful for you.

Hi Hemlos,

Xors3d is DirectX9.
iXors3d is OpenGLES

Thanks Ian   :)

Hi All,

At long last, here is the wrapper for Xors3d which I have been working on.
I will be keeping it up to date (well as much as time permits)
Many functions remain untested, but I have used many as well, and all I have needed so far work well.

I am including the GLBasic wrapper source code (just include with your project), as well as some additional PureBasic source code (for a helper DLL which comunicates with the library in utf8 when strings are passed), as well as a compiled version of the helper DLL (for those who don't own PureBasic and can't compile it themselves.)

Please note that any function which returns a const char* (string) will be appended with $.
Otherwise, everything uses the exact command names from the Xors3d documentation.

If you encounter any bugs, please post here and let me know, I will do my best to get everything working perfectly.
Or if you solve a problem, please also post here and let me know what was solved and how.

I hope this is useful to some in the community.
It should be a nice companion for BigSofty's iXors3d library, allowing you to test code locally in windows, and then only making minor adjustments to convert to iXors.

Thanks to all who assisted me on the forum when I encountered problems writing this wrapper, and especially to BigSofty.


[attachment deleted by admin]
Thanks Gernot.
Not a major bug of course, but certainly an annoying one when it catches you off guard.  :)

I noticed it after I had fixed my own bug by isolation, uncommented my other code, and compiled.
Received a big 'IF' not recognized in this scope warning.
I looked back at the code, and probably verbalized something not as pleasant as 'Oh Dear'  :S

Do go look at xors3d / ixors3d before deciding.

The wrappers already exist, well for xors it is almost.
BigSofty has a complete wrapper for ixors3d (iphone) posted on the forums here, and I am nearly done wrapping xors3d (windows).

Both xors3d and ixors3d are very powerful, and include physics, animation, etc.

Combine the simplicity of GLBasic with the middleware features of xors3d and you may have a viable solution.

BTW, I also use unity3d, not by choice, it is a paying gig and unity is the platform required.
I still prefer GLBasic. Unity forces you to code on top of an existing runtime, which at times is not convenient.
As a unity developer, you write scripts to handle the behaviors of entities within the unity runtime.
I personally would rather have control from the ground up.

Hi Gernot,

I just encountered a bug I think, while working on my xors3d wrapper.
I was searching for a bug, and using the method of commenting out blocks of code, until I traced down the culprit of my problem.
When I found the bug and uncommented everything using the block comment toggle function, the ide changed all commands (in common with GLB such as 'if' and 'return') within the inline blocks to all caps, treating them as though they were within the glbasic scope, rather than C.
Unfortunately I just discovered this bug with quite a large block of code, so I will get back to cleaning up again.

Thanks in advance for your help on this one.

Hi Ian,

Thank you very much for your help.  :booze:
I purchased the indie bundle, so I have full license for xors3d and ixors3d.