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IDE/Syntax / Template / Snippet Tool in IDE
« on: 2010-Apr-21 »
Hi Gernot,

This is not a crucial request, but could be very handy.
As I have said in introductions, I am from the PureBasic community, and this request comes directly from a feature I like very much in the PureBasic IDE.

It is an additional tab on the right side window of the IDE, to add along with  "Jumps", "Files", "Web", and "Debug".
The new tab would be "Templates" as it is called in PureBasic, although "Snippets could also be appropriate, and unique to GLBasic.

This tab in purebasic displays a workspace with a treeview.
The treeview is built by the user to add folders and organize code snippets which are commonly used by the user, which can be easily and directly added to any code being worked on in the ide.
In PureBasic, this is done simply by double clicking the entry in the treeview, the snippet is placed where the cursor is currently sitting in the project code.

I have attached a screenshot which will hopefully explain better than I can with words.
It shows the treeview I describe on the sidebar, the edit dialog for the code snippet / template, as well as the same code inserted in my main edit window in the ide.

This system is very nice for storing functions / procedures which are used frequently.

Please let me know if this interests you enough to consider, and if so, I will try to give you more detail on how it works.


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GLBasic - en / Documentation?
« on: 2010-Apr-21 »
Hi All,

I am a new user of GLBasic, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.
I did use the search function first, and did not see what I was looking for.

My question is, where should I go for the most recent documentation for GLBasic.
The reason I ask is, I just noticed a thread here in the forums, which discusses a new command called CLEARSCREEN, and also this thread mentions that BLACKSCREEN is now deprecated.

Currently, I am using the help file from the glbasic ide menubar, although I have also been cross-referencing Nic's online manual (which in some ways I like the format of more -  Nice job Nic!).
I think I have noticed differences in these two sources of documentation, yet neither have I found mention of this new CLEARSCREEN command, so I am wondering if either are up to date, or if I am missing an essential link to the up to date and maintained documentation.
Am I indeed missing something?
If the documentation is just not always current, is there an easy way to find all the new features since the last document update?

Thanks in advance,

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