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The other thing to remember about a lot of other languages / Studios is that they are licensed per year and not a one off charge
Lol.  those damn dwarves abandoned me about a year ago, over which time my muscular arms got replaced with spongy ones, my belly started to grow a little bit and I now enough chins to warrant a page in the chinese telephone directory  (may have exaggerated for comic effect)  :D

Welcome back!
Hi HamishTPB.  Happy coding!
Norton Ghost 14.
Cant beat it for backing up.  Can do a total Clone of your pc if needed, so if your HDD crashes you can buy a new one and it just replicates the data to the new HDD, operating system as well.

You can also open a back up and pull out individual files if needed.
Won't help you with the restore, but its a great back up tool.

I feel your pain!
I learnt a very harsh lesson about that a few years ago, then forgot the lesson and learnt it again about a year ago.

Hope it gets sorted, there is nothing worse.

Its definitely not allowed under Apples TOS, not sure about any others
Looks nice!
I agree that basic is good on the name for attracting people who are looking for a nice language to use, but you could still have it in the web description for searching.

I am not funny when it comes to coding, but you can't get around the fact that many people (including clients) still are.

Think of it like this.  Do you think unity would be used by as many major studios if it was called 3dbasic? 

It's a shame, but it's still true, people's perception is still not good for basic, regardless of how well written or fast it is.  :(
THis is probably going to sound really bad for which I apologise and I hope this doesnt cause offence as it is not meant to, but if it was called anything else other than GLBasic...even GLB then that would be great, but so many people are funny about the word basic.  I can't imagine a client being confident if I mentioned I was going to write their app in anything ending in Basic.

I am happy to pay a yearly fee no problem.
However, what I would really be happy to pay for is additional modules.

I went indie, full time about 6 months ago and have had 3 very lucrative apps to write, however, the downside is that I haven't been able to use GLBasic as these were business apps and not games, and therefore I  could not use IOS or android functionality needed, e.g. UI Kit, google maps etc. without writing my own objective c libraries and the thing that won me all the contracts was the speed of development and being able to come in cheaper than the other competitors.  Imagine the speed with glbasic!

I would love it if I could use GlBasic for this (without having to write libraries myself).

That said, for games, Glbasic all the way, unfortunately at the moment games are not  making  me a wage, apps are  :'(

Well if we're talking about ninjas   :enc:
This is some code for a highscore table that I used that you could easily adapt

Code (glbasic) Select
NETWEBGET$("", "/poststats.php?n=" + YourName$ + "&s=" + Distance, 80, 4096)

And the php saved as poststats.php and placed in your server location @

Code (glbasic) Select


$sco $_GET["s"];

$con mysql_connect("","YourDBname","YourPassword");
 if (!
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
$result mysql_query"INSERT INTO HIGHSCORE (Name, Score)
 VALUES ( '" 
$nam "', '" $sco "' ) " );


Obviously this could be adapted to use blowfish for encryption but thats up to you....this is old code and never did.
I think a fee even dare I say  yearly fee is a good way forward.
Got to keep your enthusiasm up and nobody can do it for free forever. Kids to feed and all that :)
Although that I agree that there are Apple guidelines etc.
When did this forum become so harsh and unforgiving??

The GLbasic community has always been a friendly community with respect and friendliness to everyone.  It has always been a place where  people were never afraid to ask a question or make a statement in case they got shot down in flames (Unlike most other forums).

I think poor Crivens may think twice about even popsting on the forum, never mind asking a question again.  I think it was too harsh and not needed.
Lets not be so quick to react, and lets get back to a more chilled forum, otherwise we might as well go and troll the Pouet forums all day.

Amiga 500 contraband.  Love it!!  =D