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Do any of you who own one of the above devices use it for reading ebooks?
Off Topic / ColecoVision CV2

With Andre' involved, this should be great!
Off Topic / Error with DDGUI
Issue still exists, but based on past experience, it is not always best to report a bug or issue with GLB.
IDE/Syntax / Shoebox
I know I have asked this before, but could we please specify our own extension for shoebox files instead of having to use the default .sbx?
IDE/Syntax / Nag Screen/Box
Could we please lose the nag screen that gets compiled into our EXEs, I am referring to the nag box that pops up griping about needing to upgrade your drivers for hardware support.  People have to click through this just to get the program to run. 

This is extremely unprofessional looking, and it is made worse by the fact that the warning is in multiple languages which makes it even more unprofessional looking if your target audience can't read all of the languages displayed.

Just making it optional would suffice, we shouldn't have to manually hack our EXEs to disable/remove this.
3D / Model support.
This is a two part request as the requests are due to two different projects.

1.  I will happily pay for static and animated B3D support to be added to the format converter.

2.  Please can we have some of the more popular model formats directly supported in GLBasic?

The need to use the converter for simple formats like X, MD2 and 3DS have all but killed my project, and I am considering buying DB (unfortunately, this would kill Linux support) to start over.

If we want our 3D game to have levels that can be modded, we can't do this.  The only way the users of my game would be able to get their models into a format supported by GLBasic is if they bought GLBasic and used the converter, or bought one of the few products that supported GLB's format.  We shouldn't have to tell our users to do this.  Our users should be able to use the tool of their choice because GLB should directly support some of the standard formats. 

With other languages, this isn't an issue as those languages can load a variety of model formats.  It is very easy to let users have the ability to mod your game.
Off Topic / OGG...
I ran into a slight problem.  The decoding lib I wanted to use, is one I have been using for my own projects for many years.  For my own work, I wrote a DLL using the lib.  This DLL was designed for OOP based languages since that is what I mainly use.  I was working on rewriting it today and removing the OOP support, and I realized something.  The lib I am using can't be used for commercial purposes.  I had forgotten about this since I only write Freeware (or do work for a charity which I did get permission from the author to use for that purpose).  It is a shame as the DLL is weighing in at only 62kb.

I can still try to do this, but I will have to do it differently, but the DLL is going to be much larger.  I am not sure if people will want that or not?
GLBasic - en / ? for Gernot
Is GLBasic still using DirectInput for keyboard and mouse input on Windows?
Off Topic / for Gernot
I had to post this for Gernot