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FAQ / First contact
Hi guys! Since it's my first post, I'll start with an apology: my english suck and I might ask dumb questions... =_=;;

So, I bought GLBasic a few weeks ago but I couldn't toy with it till yesterday; I'm an experienced code monkey but it's my first contact with game development; I choose GLBasic as a fast prototyping tool, yet I'm a bit disappointed (you could argue I should have tried the free version... And you could be right):
_This IDE is like... prehistoric! Is there any alternative?  If no, would anyone be interested in a more modern piece of software?
_Isn't GLbasic slow? 250~ small sprites and it's slowing down (maybe drawsprite isn't really the best solution? My CPU is the limit factor with one core running 100% capacity. I do not wish to multi-thread by the way)
_The help file is kinda plain, neither accurate nor complete, and quite frankly not easy to browse, any update on this side?
_The EULA isn't really clear about what I can and cannot do. I would like to add a precompiler (cause the language lack of some important features for me... Either that or I couldn't find those in the help file) is it ok for me to release that?
_I would like to blend a file manually, and couldn't find any function (something like transparentsprite ID,x,y,alpha ?). Any special knowledge to share?
_I can't find any function to release used memory (freesprite? anything?)

On the bright side, GLbasic is damn easy, I've been able to clone pacman in about 2 hours °_° I would have loved this when I was a teen!