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Off Topic / Morphoid - WIP
« on: 2015-Feb-20 »


I'm developing a cuboid like game where you have to get Morphoid - the morphable cuboid - into the goal (with the right side/s). You have to take care gaps and have to activate switches, beam to other platforms or ride on platforms to other places to get to the goal.

Here are some dev videos:

This video is recorded ingame and shared after level done from iPhone:

If you like it and want to follow the development progress, like the Morphoid facebook page. :)


Off Topic / Hänk'n'Skate new mobile game
« on: 2014-Nov-26 »
Hi guys,

I published a first release of a new game of mine called Hänk'n'Skate.
Hänk is one of my characters - a can - out of another game I'm working on and this is a mini game with him.

It's a endless runner type skating game and I would like if you could test and rate it, for sure constructive criticism is welcome! :)

It's available for Android:
iOS will follow the next days.

Thank you.

Moin moin,

hier frage ich auch einfach mal nach:

Hat jemand von euch Erfahrung mit Bezahlsystemen, wie z.B. Paypal, Fastspring, Paymill insbesondere für Laufzeitlizenzen?
Ich brauche ein System, über welches Kunden eine 1-Jahres-Lizenz erwerben können.
Dann möchte ich, dass der Benutzer in einem Programm seine Benutzerdaten eingibt und wenn er eine bestehende und gültige Lizenz hat, kann er bestimmte Aktionen ausführen.

Wäre super, wenn hier jemand schonmal mit sowas gearbeitet hat.


Off Topic / Flip It - Mobile Puzzle Game
« on: 2013-Nov-29 »
Hi folks,

I want to show you my first "serious" mobile game what I'm developing with Unity so this is "Off Topic" Stuff. :)
It's called "Flip It" and it's a little bit like "Reversi".
You have some chips and the goal is to get all chips with the white side upward.
If you flip a chip the horizontal and vertical neighbours will flip, too.

It will be released at first for android but it is planned for iOS (and maybe other platforms) later.

You can test it here through the webplayer (really early demo and some graphics are still dummies!!!):

I hope you like it so far and constructive criticism is welcome.


Hi guys,

this is a screenshot of my work in progress game "MagnetBall".
The aim of the game is to navigate a metallic ball threw many puzzle levels (this is only a testlevel) by using a magnet.

The special thing is that you "hold" the magnet in your hand using the Leap Motion Controller.
Kinect and mouse movement will be possible, too.

And the controller works pretty well! :)

Please tell me, what do you think about this game and it's controlling idea? :)

GLBasic - en / 3D in GLBasic games
« on: 2013-Mar-22 »
Hi guys,

I would like to know who of you use 3D in GLBasic games and if not, why?
If there is no option for you, feel free to answer in text. :)

It would be really nice when you tell us, if you use 3D and if not... why not?


Hi Leute,

gibt es eigentlich GLBasicianer, die schonmal Geld mit einer GBAL-Lib verdient haben oder es zumindest vorhatten?
Interessiert mich nur mal, ich habe das noch nie mitbekommen.

Und wie wäre dies überhaupt möglich, es gibt ja keinen GLBasic-Store. :D

Klar ist kostenlos immer gut, aber Entwickler für tolle Sachen etwas zu belohnen finde ich auch nicht schlecht.  :good:

Solche Sachen wie der Unity Asset Store funktionieren ja tadellos, natürlich sind da auch mehr kommerziellgesinnte unterwegs.


Hi guys,

do you know any portals/stores/places like Turbosquid etc. but mostly for 2D graphics / animated sprites?
I can't find them but I can't believe that there is none.  :good:

It would be nice if you know one or more of them.

Thanks  :nana:

Off Topic / My first Playstation Mobile game
« on: 2012-Aug-23 »
Hi guys,

today I want to show you screenshots of my PSM Game "FlipIt".
It only has alpha status but it's playable! :)

Aim of the game (cool rhyme xD) is, to turn all chips in a level with the white side up.
The "problem" is, that each chip next to the flipped chip will flip, too, so you have to think a little bit. :)

On Ps Vita the controls now are currently:
- Digital Pad -> select the chips / move the cursor
- Square -> flip the chip

Features of the game are:
- amazing 3D (Ok, now there are only dummy graphics and models :D) in asian wood style
- It's easy to understand
- 100+ levels
- multilanguage support (english, germen, french, maybe japanese but I don't know any japanese^^)
- perfect for short playing on the way to work  :good:

I would be happy if you could give me feedback, what you would like for features and if you would buy it when it's released. :)
Any other comment is welcome, too!

Thanks and cheers


[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - de / Push-Pop-Matrix für 2D?
« on: 2012-Jun-21 »
Besteht die Chance, dass Push- und PopMatrix für 2D-Befehle eingebaut werden können? :)
Das wäre echt extrem hilfreich, finde ich.  :good:

Userlibs [ *.gbal] / 2DEntitySystem
« on: 2012-Jun-18 »
Hi guys,

here is my first verison of the 2DEntitySystem for GLBasic!
I added some demos where you can see how it can work.

It's really easy to use and I hope you like it!
The code isn't finished yet. If you have any cool ideas or functions then post it here and I will add it to the system.

Please comment it, use it in your games and mention me in the credits.  :good:


[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / 2D - "Entity System"
« on: 2012-Jun-15 »
Hi guys,

would you be interested in a "2D Entity System" where you can easily create an entity like in the 3D Entity System and then use powerful functions to move / rotate them?

An example code with 10 boxes moving relative to there parents would look like this:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: 2DEntity
// Start: Friday, June 15, 2012
// IDE Version: 10.202

SYSTEMPOINTER TRUE //enable the system pointer

//grab a test sprite
DRAWRECT 0,0,10,10,RGB(255,0,0)
GRABSPRITE spr,0,0,10,10

LOCAL es2D AS T2DEntitySystem //create a new entity system

LOCAL boxes[] //entity array

//create 10 entities in a line
FOR i%=0 TO 9
LOCAL box% = es2D.CreateEntity(i * 30, 0, 0)
es2D.SetTexture(box, spr)

IF i > 0 THEN es2D.SetParent(i, i-1) //the entity before is now the parent of this entity
DIMPUSH boxes[], box

LOCAL angle# = .0

//---MAIN LOOP---
LOCAL mx,my,b1,b2
MOUSESTATE mx,my,b1,b2

        //move the angle with the mouse buttons ;)
angle = 0
IF b1 THEN angle = 1
IF b2 THEN angle = -1

FOR i%=0 TO 9
es2D.Rotate(boxes[i], angle*i/10)


es2D.DrawSystem() //draw the whole system with only one command :)

The result would look like the demo in the attachments :good::

[attachment deleted by admin]

2D-snippets / Box2D - Chain Type
« on: 2012-May-31 »
Hi guys,

I created a simple Type for creating chains like a bridge or a lamp with the Box2D - Wrapper.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: box2dSoftbody
// Start: Thursday, May 31, 2012
// IDE Version: 10.202

// SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files


//Init the chain
LOCAL myChain AS TChain

myChain.AddChainLink(100,300, 0,1,0,10) //create the "sticked" parent

//create 20 chain link childs
FOR i% = 0 TO 49
myChain.AddChainLink(110 + i*10,300, 1,10,0,10)

myChain.AddChainLink(610,300, 0,1,0,10)

myChain.Generate() //generate the "physics" chain"


//main loop
b_Update(.1, 10)


chainLinks[] AS TChainLink

//Add a link to the chain
FUNCTION AddChainLink: x%, y%, mass#, friction#, restitution#, size#
LOCAL link AS TChainLink
link.Init(x, y, mass, friction, restitution, size)
DIMPUSH self.chainLinks[], link

//Generate the chain after creating the links
FUNCTION Generate:
FOR i% = 0 TO LEN(self.chainLinks[]) - 1
LOCAL link AS TChainLink
link = self.chainLinks[i]
link.body = b_CreateCircle(link.mass, link.friction, link.restitution, link.x, link.y, link.size)
self.chainLinks[i] = link

IF i > 0
LOCAL linkBefore AS TChainLink
linkBefore = self.chainLinks[i-1]
DEBUG linkBefore.body + ", " + link.body + "\n"
link.joint = b_JointDistance(link.body, linkBefore.body, link.GetX(), link.GetY(), linkBefore.GetX(), linkBefore.GetY())

TYPE TChainLink

FUNCTION Init: x%, y%, mass#, friction#, restitution#, size#
self.x = x
self.y = y
self.mass = mass
self.friction = friction
self.restitution = restitution
self.size = size / 2

RETURN b_BodyGetPosX(self.body)

RETURN b_BodyGetPosY(self.body)

Hope you like it!  :good:

Kann es sein, dass die CMP - Befehlszeile in GLBasic ignoriert wird, oder benutze ich sie falsch, um ein oder mehrere Verzeichnisse als Suchverzeichnisse einzubinden?

Wenn ich folgenden Text einfüge, findet GCC trotzdem nicht die darin enthaltenen Dateien
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
-I"%GLB_PROJ_DIR%/verzeichnisX" -I"%GLB_PROJ_DIR%/verzeichnisY" ...

Ich hoffe, dass es nur mein Fehler ist und es ansich funktioniert! :)

GLBasic - de / 2D - "Entity System"
« on: 2012-May-29 »
Ich bastel gerad sone Art Entity System in 2D (nicht GLB)...
Nun stehe ich irgendwie auf dem Schlauch! :(

Ich habe ein Entity, welches beliebig viele Entities als Kinder hat.
Nun möchte ich beim Bewegen oder Drehen alle Kinder Updaten und relativ zum Elternteil bewegen / drehen.
Könnt ihr mir mal einen Pseudo-Anstoß geben? :)

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
foreach(Entity child in children)
child.Position = new Vector2(?, ?);
child.Rotation = ?;


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