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I have been approached to write an iphone app for a local business.  They would like it to go onto the app store (which is fine), but my question is this.

Would I need to specify in the contract a minimum hosting term and then charge them app hosting after that time?
Would I charge them a yearly hosting charge anyway?

The reason I ask, is that at the moment the apple developers license is paid for and will be for the forseeable future, but what happens in, lets say 3 years, if I decide not to develop for iPhone anymore and don't pay the developers fee.  AT this point there app would no longer be for sale in the app store.

Should they be paying $99 a year to have an app hosted on the app store?  Seems a bit wrong somehow.

Have any of you come across this before or have any ideas?

This looks really cool.  If it works and good as the video shows it it would be great for testing
Just received newsletter from UKDvdR and they have 7inch Android tablets for £59.99 (limited stock and refurbished with 3 month warranty)
They have a good spec and includes Android 2.2 and marketplace, wifi, 3g etc.
I just bought that price I think I will take the hit if its rubbish.

Here is the link
Do you guys release stuff in opengl for windows, or is it still a major issue with older machines / drivers?
I have read so many different articles, but they all seem to say that opengl and older machines is a no no

Taking this into account, are the xors3d headers or the irrelicht headers up to date for glbasic, and if not are there any other directx  engines that there are headers for?

Its not an urgent request and I am not wanting people to do the work for me (before the age old "write your own" flame war begins) :nana:   I just thought I would check if anyone is using one or knows of one at the moment, before the task starts of converting one.

This is the code that I use to take you to the review page of your app. This works on iphone but wont work if you test in on the pc.  is this what you were thinking?

//review text
//NETWEBEND "itms-apps://"
Off Topic / Iphone screen
So guess who's arse made contact with some keys and an iphone screen today, via a pair of jeans  :-[

I now have a lovely black portion of screen.  Touch screen still works and phone is still ok to use, but I suspect, not too good for games.  Have priced up a replacement original for 16.99 or a clone for about £6 and my mate fits them, so all is not lost.  Oh and my arse still seems to work ok  :D

Wondered whether to get him to upgrade battery from 1200mh to 1600 at the same time.  Anyone done this?  it says that its compatible
Just upgraded from 8.2 to the latest version and my code has gone breasts to the sky.

It seems that none of the types that are declared in a separate source file are being initialised and i get the famous
Quote"wrong argument type : TYPE  is not declared"

If i put the type declarations in the main code, all works fine again.

Is there something that I have missed on the recent upgrades where I have to specify the program to look at this source code file first?
I remember this being an issue many moons ago, but the it was fixed and been fantastic ever since.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and just to add a strange one to the mix, if I open the source in 8.2 it works fine, if i open it it v9(the lastest) it doesnt. 
If I then REOPEN in back in 8.2 I then get the error in 8.2 and it stops initialising them  :giveup:
GLBasic - en / App Updates
As I have not actually updated any apps on the app store, I wondered if I could delve into the experience of others that may have.

If you have an ini file, or data file, which stores level data (e.g. Your current level is level 45), will this be overwritten when an app is updated, or does the update only overwrite files that are changed, or can I specify?

I would test the theory myself, but I didnt want to force my customers to have to update the app just so i could test a theory.

Thanks in advance
Not sure if this is a bug, or just the way that things are in the order of the coding universe :)

I the following two types set up something like this.

Code (glbasic) Select

TYPE Carts

   FUNCTION Animate
      Building[0].Working = 1

GLOBAL Cart[] AS Carts


TYPE Building
GLOBAL Buildings[] AS Building
DIM Buildings[1]

This isnt the exact code, but a scenario to show you as the actual code is huge.
Both these type are setup in a separate code sheet to the main program, but called obviously as it runs.

The problem is (or maybe it isnt) is that I cannot compile this program without moving the Buildings type above the Cart type on the code screen, otherwise the compiler states
Code (glbasic) Select
TYPE  is not declared.

I could understand this if the program was running, but should the compiler not check all the functions before it starts assesing whether or not something exists, or am I barking up the wrong tree  O_O

At the moment I have two type arrays with differnt fields (x,y,)etc 
Code (glbasic) Select
Buildings[] and
Code (glbasic) Select
i would like to call in Buildings.x at array index 1, into a function within my Produce type.

is there a quick way to do this e.g   something like
Code (glbasic) Select
Buildings[0].x  or do I have to do the following OR set a global variable within my Buildings type array on initialisation

Code (glbasic) Select

Fuction CalcRoute()
   FOREACH item IN Buildings[]
      if item.BuildingType = 4

I am currently doing the above for each, but thought I would just check if it was possible to do something different
Any help would be appreciated (even if it is pointing out stupidity)  :P

Is it possible to force a software render.  The reason that i ask is that I have an old laptop with a slow processor, but it does have an OpenGL compatible gfx card.  My plan is that if I force it to software render, then i could perhaps ascertain how fast a software render would run on an old pc WITHOUT opengl compatibilty.

Being unwell tonight, i didnt want to do any serious work on my game, so I have been playing around a bit (ooer)
So i decided to test the network tcp sample.

it works great on my pc with the client talking to the server fine.
I then decided to see if i could get it working on my iphone. 

I had to make my iphone the server as i couldnt type on it and this ran fine, but I couldnt connect to it from my pc.
Is there any reason for this??  I am gessing its not a port issue on the router as it worked ok on the pc (or am i wrong)

This isnt an urgent question, I just wondered if someone else had experienced this and knew what the issue was.
Serves me right for playing instead of working :)

I have just got working at last, a direct link from your IOS app to the appstore review page.
Its hard enough to get reviews for our apps as it is, but this takes the user DIRECTLY to the page

Code (glbasic) Select
NETWEBEND "itms-apps://"

Obviously you need to change the software id to your own app  e.g. at the end of the line, replace
Software&id=398408081  WITH Software&id=YourAppID

You can find out your appstore id by right clicking on any itunes link to your app and "Copying link".

Also just worked out....

Code (glbasic) Select
NETWEBEND "itms-apps://"

This brings up an appstore search for all apps by my comany (pp&e Limited)  Obviously I had to use URL encoding for the & and space, but for such as "GLBasic" it would be simple, e.g.

Code (glbasic) Select
NETWEBEND "itms-apps://"

Hope this helps

About a 2.15 am finish last night, and its now 7.50am on a Saturday morning.
I need to finish, and release for approva,l this app before myself and my wife go on holiday on wednesday.
Still left to do is the swipe system, the main enemy gfx, the collsions, scores, menu,options etc.

SO....this got me thinking.  What sort of time do you guys put into your games ventures per day.  I think it has become a bit of an obsession for me.  I have substituted 6-7 hours a night from world of warcraft , with 6-7 hours programming lol

I forgot to say that I do go to work during the day as well :)

IDE/Syntax / IDE Request
Is it possible to allow us to set the output window status in options, e.g. default visible or not.
This is nothing major, but I get fed up with F12(ing) it to give me full code screen.  I would rather it not show and just show it when I decide with F12.

I bet this is just me who thinks this  :whistle:
May the flames begin  :D
Our new game "Bumble Bomber" was approved and posted to AppStore yesterday.
Hope you guys like it

My first app went live in the app store yesterday.  2nd on its way :)
Thanks to everyone in forums for any help and thx to Gernot for a great language.

[attachment deleted by admin]
What's the best sound format to use on the iphone?
Is ogg supported though GLbasic on iphone?

I was reading that it is supported on the pc with the correct codec, but as i understand the Iphone doesnt have the ogg codec.
So that leaves me with the dilema of what is the best sound format for iphone.

Oh my aching head.

Any help would as always be greatly appreciated  :nw:

I had a quick look aroud their developers information and it seems, like Apple, you have to download their SDK to code games for their AppStore.  Does this mean that you would have to submit some kind of source code for them to analyse like apple, or do you just submit an exe of your finished product.

I couldnt find the answer on their site, it just stated that they would test it for bugs and crashes.
Before I email them and find out I thought i would check here first.

Not 100% sure if this is in the right forum, so sorry if it isnt.

I just wondered how long you guys had to wait for your apple developer approval.  Mine is submitted in my company name (i guess this will slow it down a bit).

Oh and my mac has been posted :)