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Have any of you integrated any of the ad frameworks in your games ? Do think it would be a hard thing to do ?

Refactoring in Netbeans or any other ide with refactoring support, would anyway render both of theese obfuscations pretty useless :(

Even better ... use a lot of underscores and som of the same numbers (or no numbers) after them.

local __________________ = FALSE

IF _________________=__________________ THEN ________________(___________________)
    INC ______________._____________________[_____________][____________]

It would also compress better :)         

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Sound/Music again
« on: 2014-Sep-02 »
HEKKUS SOUND SYSTEM would work across a lot of platforms.
I did some testing with it a couple of years ago, but not on IOS and Android.

Hi guys

What would be the best method for pixel perfect collison of the player sprite when using a tilebased scroller with polydraw functionality ?
Would it be to keep track of the player-sprite's screen position and draw all the tiles from the "crashable layer" as sprites too. That is if they are inside the playersprites rectangle.
And then use sprcoll ?

Or are there any other cool functionality for this ?

Btw. I will be using transparent png images for sprites and tiles.

Code Snippets / Re: new QSIN (QQSIN)
« on: 2012-Mar-12 »

Of cause more testing is always useful and we optimised it so much that most new optimisations arent necessarily useful on every machine. E.g. on my windows tablet with crappy AMD-C50 CPU, my accuracy functions outruns every other function by far, even Oceans c lookup table (which is pretty slow on that machine)! I have no idea why, cuz it shouldnt... (maybe its 32bit float vs 64bit float?)

Seems a bit odd. Are the lookup-table packed to 32 or 64 bit integers (depending on os/processor) in the C code ?

#pragma pack(push)  /* current alignment to stack */
#pragma pack( integer_size )     /* set alignment to 32 or 64 bit integers depending on platform */
... C lookup-table here ...
#pragma pack(pop)

Correctly alligned tables are faster ....

GLBasic - en / Re: Linux Compiler
« on: 2012-Feb-26 »
Yeah. Did not see that one.
Is there any documentation on the preprocessor and the compiling options ?

GLBasic - en / Linux Compiler
« on: 2012-Feb-26 »
Is it possible to get an GLB compiler that run under linux ?
The editor is not that important.

It works as it should on my htc legend.

On the asus eee pad transformer ...
Nothing but a blue screen.
Grabsprite gives monocolor sprites.
On this platform (honeycomb 3.2) loadsprite seems to be the only way.
Perhaps the nvidia tegra drivers has someting to do with it ?


I have almost no penalty drawing sprites.

fps goes from 46.5 to 44 when drawing 3 sprites the size of 480 x 320 (each).

It seems like you have right about showscreen doing a lot of stuff on android.

What fps do you guys set as limit on handhelds ?
Is the iPhone faster ?

Anybody else with bad Android experiences ? Or is it my setup.
I just can't believe that 2 of 2 android devices fails :(
Perhaps it's not production-ready for android yet ?

Anybody with apps and positive response on android market ?
Perhaps links to andoid glb-apps that i can test on my devices ?

This is my log-output:

I/SDL     ( 4429): Starting up OpenGL ES 1.1
I/glbasic ( 4429): SDL_SetVideoMode seems to be 1
I/glbasic ( 4429): get accurate timer - 1st call
I/glbasic ( 4429): flip - 1st call
I/glbasic ( 4429): BGRA ext NOT supported

I/glbasic ( 4429):

I/glbasic ( 4429): Texture size limit: 1024
I/glbasic ( 4429): init fbo
I/glbasic ( 4429): 2D VP
I/glbasic ( 4429): OGRB init [OK]
I/glbasic ( 4429): Cptn
I/glbasic ( 4429): Network
I/glbasic ( 4429): Input
I/glbasic ( 4429): Window mode
I/glbasic ( 4429): Create DXin
I/glbasic ( 4429): sdl_grab
I/glbasic ( 4429): reptr
I/glbasic ( 4429): getexe
I/glbasic ( 4429): cd
I/glbasic ( 4429): set cdir to: /data/data/com.yourcompany.tilescroller
I/glbasic ( 4429): exepath=curdir= /data/data/com.yourcompany.tilescroller
I/glbasic ( 4429): set cdir to: files
I/glbasic ( 4429): Init Finalized
I/glbasic ( 4429): Rbow::SetScreen( 480,320)

This is my first android project, and I can't find any log output, or ... I don't know where it is or how to generate it.
Anyway - I have other games on it that HAVE to be a lot faster, and accelerated.


NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU


The phone with slow framerate is an HTC Legend:

No matter what i set in the LIMITFPS function, my HTC legend has an average FPS at 47 with the most simple loops.


   FPS = ((1000/dtime)+FPS)/2
   IF delay>1000 // 1/2 sec
   PRINT "FPS: "+fps_draw, 0 ,0

Any thought about this ?
Is there an fixed framerate on some android devices ?

Also my ASUS eee Pad Transformer only shows black and white on the screen with glb apps.

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