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Yesterday I officially became an iPhone developer with my first GLBasic game iSquareD and I'm over the moon.

After I announced it here, I got a PM from Gernot offering some improvement ideas for a newer version and also suggested that I should start a topic so others can comment on it easier.

Gernot suggested that I could polish it better by adding a custom font, sound and maybe background(s).

I had planned to add sound, a better font, maybe music, different power-ups, different enemies, better graphics but I never thought about backgrounds as I thought that this might detract from the game and make it harder to see what you were doing.

All opinions are welcome.

PS. I have to say that I love GLBasic, this game took 3 hours to port from BlitzBasic SquareZ, all while never used GLBasic before.
Congratz to GLBasic,  <3


wow! just tried! run very fine in my 3gs!!!

congrats!!!!  :booze:

Ciao Ciao,
Gianluca. (l'Aquila tornerà a volare alta nel cielo!!!!)


Thanks for trying it.
I'll be adding a lot to it with the first update, this was just a trial to see what process I needed to get onto the Appstore.
I never thought it'd get on first time  :D


I uploaded version 1.1 yesterday, still in review, that adds a lot to the game.
New menus, changed the gameplay slightly and added a music track to the game.


Version 1.1 is available for download  :enc: