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I've purchased the GLBasic SDK lite and tried to compile a program for the iPhone.
When I try and open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode, I get the following error: -

Unable to Open Project
Project [project path].xcodeproj cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.

Did I need to buy the premium version?
If so, can I upgrade?



I've purchased the premium version and it works now.
It's not good that on the purchasing page it doesn't say that the lite version doesn't compile to the iPhone or that the premium one does.
Cost me an extra €25

Kitty Hello
QuoteGLBasic SDK lite
Everything you need for a 2D game on Windows for a bargain price.

Should I make it flash? ;)

Fine that it works now. The demo is supposed to work, though. Might have a look.


For iPhone developement GLBASIC is a HUGE bargain in price.  ;)
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Kitty Hello

Ah, should I raise the price ;)


You should give GLB the ability to make coffee. It's early in the morning now and I had to go to the kitchen to fix some coffee. That's not productive. 

PS: Mac IDE would be nice.  :-[


I know it's a great price, but nowhere on this page does it say which version is needed for iPhone development.

I'm getting refunded for the lite version, thanks.
I didn't mean to come off like some script kiddie, just got frustrated at spending hours trying to get it to open in xcode. I thought the problem was with that.
Thanks again.

Kitty Hello

Thanks for mentioning. I changed the order site now.