I hear that the competition in any computer related industry is huge. what can i

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i'm currently in the 3rd year of my bachelor's degree in computer science. i want to know if there's anything i can do while still in college that might give me some advantage, to make myself more employable... any help is appreciated. thanks!!


I'm no expert but...It depends on what type of work you're aiming for when you leave college.
say if you're aiming for programming and have an interest in the financial industry
go and meet someone who works in that area ask can you visit their office
(you'd be very surprised how willing people are to talk about their work)
and speak to them  to get a better understanding of their industry what software
they use etc, find out if there is any area where they could benefit from software,
if there is then see if it's possible for you to develop something for them or just
use it as a basis for one of your big assignments.

When we were at college our tutor was explaining what we needed to do for
our final year assignment which we had the year to complete, he gave an example
of a student from the previous year who had developed an access database of
golf courses in England, containing contact details, information on each hole etc
etc (this was in 1994), the software itself wouldn't have been as technical as what some of the other
students had done in c, c++ but it was the amount of research that went into it
and the amount of data it contained that made it stand out, anyway when the student
was applying for jobs he provided a copy of the program with his C.V. which in the
end secured him a job.
I think if you go the extra mile a potential employer will see this and it will work to
your advantage.

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