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Yes but for 3d it's very important.
When you have some time, it would be nice to do a simple 3D Windows/Linux test to see the difference in FPS between the 2  ;)
Yes, but Steam Deck uses Proton (with Wine inside) to run Windows games. I think the game would be faster (and probably more stable) compiling it for Linux, no?.. it would be worth doing some testing.
In any case, thank you for these very interesting and informative explanations Spacefracatal  :good:
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-May-16Im have. Please, dont uses any MUSIC commands as Steam Deck diddent like it. This is actuelly because Glbasic seens to uses Windows Media player.

But you haven't compiled for Linux?

Quote from: Schranz0r on 2023-May-09I guess you are fiddling around with your colors in Windows? :D

 :D  Maybe

It's better now, thanks  :good:
Dark theme? :-[ 

I tested beta 8 and it's much more playable, I found the sensations that I had forgotten from the original, it's very addictive  :)  Well done Spacefractal!  :booze:
I know you've temporarily given up on mobile development but with HTML5 you should be able to build versions more easily, even for iPhone. I would be interested to read your feedback on this subject  ;)
Very good Spacefractal  :good:
I just find the collisions and the laying of the dynamite a little too sensitive but maybe it was the same in the original version, I don't remember.
On Firefox the contrast is very bad and the fonts are too small  :(
Quote from: spacefractal
Im found a least one bug im need to fix.... hehe.

I think I found it  =D

What is the internal resolution of your game Specefractal?

I did some tests with a background and I think it's good that you add one.
3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Thank you so much  :)

Logically all platforms supported by Irrlicht, but for now I'm focusing on Windows and Linux (SteamDeck works on Linux ;))
No problem with version 15.238 at the moment SGE is 32 bits, a 64 bits version will be released.

All features and platforms supported by Irrlicht are here (we can see that a mobile version is in the works).

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Hi Matty,

It's in the main post: snoopisge
I just saw that I didn't add the example with the physics, I'll add it tomorrow  :booze:
I was thinking of a completely underwater version of the game to be original compared to the other adaptations (but it can only be a level in which the hero uses a propeller submarine  ;)).
But it was just an idea, keep it up, it looks great  :good:
GLBasic - en / Re: YSort
It's a good start.

The best way for tilemaps is to use a layer system.
You draw the first layer, then your sprites, then the 2nd layer, the 3rd layer, ...

You have examples with source in the showroom that can help you  ;)
The 2600 version was a little too repetitive, to avoid this I advise you to make a progression map with the levels and sub-levels (a graphic change between the levels would be nice too).
It would also be necessary to adjust the difficulty which was too high too quickly.

An original idea would be to make an adaptation that would take place underwater, the goal would no longer be to rescue victims stuck at the bottom of a mine but at the bottom of the water.

I am really motivated by your project, I can help you if you need it  :booze:
That's awesome Spacefractal, I loved this game and your version looks promising, hope we can test it soon (maybe in HTML5  ;))
<3  :good: