Very interesting Open Source 3d Soft (make Buildings)

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Hi guys yesterday I found this cool soft, in the Ubuntu index... Sweet Home 3d.. Open Source and totally free.

Basically works for make Buildings, but it's really speed make something, only a few seconds and you have a simple building, with inner parts, and models (have an internal library expandible for you self or with another online libraries)...

With a bit of work I think can be use in GLbasic, for make a FPS game or if you want launch renders for backgrounds or another kind of graphics...

Really I find very usefull this soft, micing with another for a better textures and better lighting-

Don't worry if you don't have 3D skills , you don't have to do anything, only launch a couple of lines and put the object where do you want....

For  Linux, Win and Mac and I think they have an online version.


This is super great...reminds me of LWcad, really cool soft, I´m sure to try it out. :booze:


Try it Erico, it's similar to this new soft like Bim , a bit less powerfull but for make models in minuts it's really interesting...


Very easy to make 3D-models of your floor plan. The video rendering speed is very slow though, I think povray was faster on my pentium II CPU :-)


Yes Moru but I don't said nothing about render, I comment for nodeling, for render try Blender wioth Cycles and you get a new and shiness floor...  ;)