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Z Project - universal screen size scaling system

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Ampos you are generous with your code.  :booze:

If anyone relatively new to GLBasic is reading this thread and isn't sure if they need code like this, YOU DO! It is kind of essential if you want games to work on multiple resolutions without necessarily knowing what the resolution will be. For example, with Android, your game could start in many different resolutions depending on device. The thing Ampos is doing with POLYVECTOR is also very useful. Although its more complicated than the sprite commands it is also quicker when used properly. That can make a big difference to performance on slower devices.

Nicely done. Much nicer than copying and scaling the screen. This is some kind of the approach I use too. I would change the name. "z". It reminds me of the 3th dimension."v" like "virtual screen" would suit better. :)

Great stuff, this is the way I would like to do it. Naming with Z is a bit strange though, as Z-order usually is the order you paint it on the screen, from back to front. That was what I was expecting to find here :-)

Really I dont remember why I call it "Proyect Z", perhaps it is best to call it...


universal screen size scaling system  :S

Better yet, swap "universal" for "standard" and call it Project S5. :D


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