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Z Project - universal screen size scaling system

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I wanted to add my thanks to Ampos for Project Z,
and all the others that have contributed to it.

It's made my life so much easier now I've started to code for the multitude of mobile devices and their different screen resolutions.

Excellent work.

Ian Price:
Sadly ampos no longer frequents the forums, but his work will live on forever...

For a finished product, i think it would be better to be hardware specific for each program you publish.
The tradeoff for a universal screen scaling system, is performance.
However, this is pretty cool for development purposes and testing on different platforms quickly.

hehe its a bit old post, Hemlos. This thread can of course still been sticky and have a lots of good uses. Im have even tested this one quite early, but dedicated to uses my own system without universal virtual screens to boost up the perforcement. But retro style game, this can been quite very perfect :-).


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