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Suelto la pregunta a bocajarro:

¿Qué os parece que el juego en momentos determinados (mostrar 1 mapa fijo) baje a 18 FPS?

Creo que son pocos, el resto funciona correctamente a sus 60 FPS. Y lamentablemente no puedo "recortar" más la rutina de dibujado de mapa.

La máquina es un iPad 1.

Alguna opinión?  O_O

Off Topic / DCPU-16 Emulator in GLB...
« on: 2012-Aug-18 »
The spec of VM DCPU-16: (v 1.7)

and main site info about this computer made by Notch for his new game 0x10c.

ANY have time for make a port MADE IN GLBASIC??


Off Topic / GLBasic TV Console (based on RPi)
« on: 2012-Jul-06 »

I open this new topic about GLB + Raspberry Pi (

We know RPi have ARM processor... and we have some Linux distro for use with RPi...

We can compile our GLB software to Caanoo target device... and runs in Rpi.


If you are used the avaliable Linux IMG images you know about needed SD card space (+- 2 gb).

My idea is REDUCE the size of Linux at minimum for run our only GLB apps.... like tv console.


1. Insert a SD card to RPi with only base kernel and minimum libs for use keyboard, joystick (usb), sound, net, video...

2. Loaded the OS... automatic launch our "GLB interface" (like Smart Tv, developed of course with GLB) with our GLB apps/games stuff...

Unfortunately I not have knowledge to know which files to add / remove, etc in a Linux distribution.  :o

Any more interested in "make" our GLB TV Console?  =D

Any help for reduce size / adapt files of Linux distro?

TIA, Hark0


Don't miss this trailer about new Disney film!


(and you can play the game too)

[ Invalid YouTube link ]


This video shows last improvements introduced by @Dacarsoft on GLBasic Beta 11. Running on iPad.

- Fix rounded corners and other buffer video fails.
- Rotation Screen with correct appbar rotation.
- Import files (maps) to app on iOS using mail and/or Dropbox.

Version of this game for test coming soon.


GLBasic - es / Ludumdare 23 - Compo 48h
« on: 2012-Apr-20 »
Este fin de semana es la Compo...

Alguno va a participar?

Yo me he registrado y eso... dependiendo del tema, igual hasta tengo tiempo...


PD Además, ya sabeis que hay un Tablet en juego :P

Hi, currently I making some test for SHARING FILES on iOS devices.

First, and with help of @Dacarsoft, we declared on info.plist the parameters for define NEW type of file. In this case we declared ERM file format (bin raw file that contains data about map for the game).

Second, on GLB project I made a "trap" routine at start of app for detect Drag&Drop ERM files using GETCOMMANDSLINE$()

On Windows works perfecty... I can drop a ERM file to GLB app icon... the app starts, trap the file dropped, and copy to corresponding folder and run the app normally. The dropped map file are avaliable for play into the app.

Goto iOS...

If I start the app normally... tap on icon... this starts correctly... all done.


Try for open an ERM file on iOS.... when I receive a file with ERM extension iOS shows option for "Open with ElectricRPG"...

Well, I tap on "Open with..." and the iOS try to open ElectricRPG... open app... and at 1/2 second it closes... I think no load first GLB "runtime"...

AND..... later to "open with"...

If I now open the app normally... the ERM file are correctly imported to /app/Documents/Inbox folder...

(When a new file type declaration are made on XCode, and you try to open.... iOS make a copy of the file to corresponding folder into app... GLB can look this folder for load/save/icloud, etc).

The question are: Why when the iOS try to launch the app are closed? How know what parameters or type of call are using iOS for launch the app?

TIA, Hark0


For people who already have apps on the Apple Appstore....

You think that Apple would let me publish this info/about screen?

You can add logos of third parties as in this case ... or breaches of the rules of Apple????


[attachment deleted by admin]


I'm are testing my app on iPad1. In my source code I use two kind to access files. One using READBYTE, WRITEBYTE... and other files using INIGET$ and INIPUT...

On Windows all work perfectly, but on iPad only works file byte handling... INI files maybe not loaded correctly... and not save nothing too...

Any notice about this matter?


GLBasic - en / Textastic (iOS) for GLB
« on: 2012-Apr-02 »

I want to use Textastic editor ( with *.gbas files.

This app supports many kind of languages, but not GLB file format. Uses Textmate language declarations/theme compatible....

I try to make a syntax highlight definition file (bundle) .... without success :(

Any help are welcome.  :)



I updated ALL software: GLB and Xcode to last version available.

I make some test for compile to iOS 5.0 on iPad 1...

All done... BUT, look right corners... ARE ROUNDED!?!?!?!  :blink:

Left screen are OK...

Any help are welcome.


PS Clic on image for zoom/best bug view... remember old mac screens...  =D

[attachment deleted by admin]

Off Topic / #glbasic Twitter hashtag
« on: 2012-Mar-17 »

I use #glbasic hashtag on my twitter posts...

Searching on twitter no have any results... Nobody uses the same hashtag?

Any other suggestion?


Simple question about this code (from GLB help manual):

   // Clear any memory here

On iOS devices are NEED to clear the memory using DIM a[0] for example...  or just QUIT????
Can clear the ram automatically?

TIA, Hark0

PS. To the help writter manual . Please add : to end to sub declaration line.  ;)


About or another code editor's are avaliable for use with GLB?

On positive reply... how configure/parameters?

TIA, Hark0

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