Android PORTRAIT forced!!??

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I've got a TV-out cable for my Galaxy S.
I've tried some stuff on my old TV, and I liked it, the phone can handle well the portrait and landscape mode on the TV,
But it's not the case, when I try some of my landscape projects compiled with GLBasic: the screen on the TV remains portrait, and all the stuff on it rotated 90°
I found this line in the AndroidManifest.xml:
Code (glbasic) Select


It would be nice if it could be landscape if screen width > screen height.


Yes, it would be very useful to automate the orientation.
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Kitty Hello

It's in V11 and it seems to be working again.


Did you managed to restore the data from that bad HDD? Nice news!

Kitty Hello

Yes, somehow I got most of the stuff back. Mostly broken or from other sources, but WinMerge was my friend.


nice to hear. this seen its the same orintation bug around Android orintation that diddent take the new surface changes. That was before HD crash, but seen its got refixed again (its was a harder one me think?). I still want to test v11 and have pm you some time ago (could test iCade issue as well, since I have that cabinent).
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