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Kitty Hello

at mom's attic, I found a bunch of old Amiga discs with games I once programmed. Does anyone here have the tools to create disk file or copy the data to a PC? It's about 10 discs that are of interest.

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I think the best place for questions about amiga it's amibay but I'm not sure if you will found a fot for make this operation.

When I want load games for amiga, I need a cable and translat them to the amiga.

** I will question this in ZDP, reahps they now how do it.


I recall reading amiga disks on pc is kind of problematic. Do you have a working amiga?


I'm not sure if this tutorial can be helpfull....

In fact I have a cable and the "experiment" works fine, but I only send from PC to Amiga floppy a game... Only it's needed a soft then the PC write over the diskete into the Amiga, reset the Amiga an then the game works, but from Amiga to PC I don't try nothing, I think in the tutorial I put you can done...

If don't find where buy the cable I put the link of a shop here in Spain, but really it's a easy cable to do, if you don't have to much hand with the welder (Soldador) the cable it's really cheaper, and really I think in Deutchsland you can't have any problem to find it, I think there was really really important this machine ( I always think Commodore was from Germany) :-[ .

Another point because it's relative to Amiga, the guys of "from bed to Millions" (The gold era 8 bits in UK), are doing another film but in this time focused in Amiga , now they are doing... for if someone are interested...  ;)


#4 + a null modem cable + an ebayed Amiga. Not the simplest setup but the most reliable one for getting stuff on to windows.

Edit: whoops, shoulda read Mentalthinks answer, NM, great kids thinks alike, so they say!  :P



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You need to install CrossDos on the Amiga so it'll read PC format disks. Then you can read the amiga floppies to a hdd on the Amiga and copy back to a PC format floppy |

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I'm hope you do have your amiga, since amiga disc was much more flexible than pc had, so pc disc drives is not compatible to read them. But amiga can read and write pc discs.

So the disc to adf must been done on amiga, like this one:

Property you only need a 2mb amiga without HD to do that. So I'm pretty sure a HD is not required.
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Kitty Hello

Oh dear. I dumped the Amiga years ago and now I found the floppies. I try to contact the devs of Crossdisk and such...

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u need an amiga ?


Yes amiga required or a least a second floppy drive conneted to usb is required. A standard PC floppy disc cant read them, only the other way.

But there is options:

Im still have my Amiga, but have not used its long time ago, so no idea its still works, and im do still have the second floppy disc.
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A few years back I had the same problem. I wanted all my old stuff id written transfered over to the PC. I looked into the Amiga explorer solution on Amiga forever and thought id give it a shot. I used the old lying around null modem cable, plugged it all in and followed the very simple instructions (even for me, the noddier the better). And within 10 minutes I was actually transfering stuff over. At which point I just created a new boot disk with the relevant details on and any time i wanted to transfer something i just booted the Amiga, and it was ready to transfer in 2 minutes. It really is a doddle that any numpty can follow (Im living proof of that)


In my case I made an image of my amiga hd, which emulators can boot, with my own dumped kickstart and rom.
Any adf amiga made would be acessible (amiga died of pcb corosion few years ago :( and I wasen´t smart enough to solve it).

Again, only solutions that require a working amiga comp.
Maybe there is a solution if you have the drive (some adapter) + emulation?

Amiga disk drivers go more or less cheap on ebay, could that be a solution?


Just download the ADF's you own the originals :)
Or is it stuff by you're own?
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Kitty is looking for dumping amiga disks with stuff of his own without an amiga computer.


Quote from: Schranz0r on 2015-Mar-06
Just download the ADF's you own the originals :)
Or is it stuff by you're own?
Indeed, if you sent the stuff of to various public domain libraries, the programs may have turned up on sites like LemonAmiga.