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I´m a naturalist thinker!

The leading thinkers of the Renaissance were not just experts in their own field. The renaissance scholar was expected to master all branches of knowledge.

thats really cool!!  :nw:

Im still trying but havent go so far.
well done!!

I have 2 categories in top 25!
#16 in Mood and #17 in Graphics!!

Not bad for the first Jam!  =D
Think I should have employed another 2 hours polishing the gameplay a bit more. :P

Coolness   100%
#16   Mood(Jam)   3.70
#17   Graphics(Jam)   4.37
#61   Audio(Jam)   3.37
#81   Overall(Jam)   3.30
#92   Theme(Jam)   3.19
#113   Fun(Jam)   2.83
#147   Humor(Jam)   2.17
#162   Innovation(Jam)   2.70
Erico, my sample result is now beeing drawn by hand.  :(

As erico suggested maybe I could upload the sprite to mem and paint the pixels before but I was looking for a better looking method, not raw pixeling.
I want to have several types of texture terrains, like forest, snow, desert, etc that I could apply to the same shape template (black&white).

Maybe is possible to generate a kind of uv map and use polys for the shape?

for my LD entry I posted a 2D horizontal scroller with a guy walking through a terrain.

I would like to know if its possible to apply a terrain texture the ground sprite in order to paint it on-the-fly following the contour.

Maybe by using polyvectors and some kind of dynamic adapted texture??

In my sample, the terrain is a sprite but if I what I want can be achieved with another kind of object like a poligon mesh is not a problem, Im just looking for the result, texturizing dynamic terrain :)

I attach you here the samples for better understanding of what I want to achieve.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Amazing work!!
Cant wait to test it!
remember, not trial!
PC version is free!!!  =D

QuoteFree use: Create apps for non commercial 2D programs running on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
xDDD you really deserve it hahaha.
 :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:  =D
a mi me iba de perlas el sprite sheet packer, por si os interesa pegarle un vistazo.
After the LD I realized that this project is really really important. A must have.
How is going?  any news?
Using ALPHATESTING 0 has also fixed some problems with alpha not been applied with alphamode -1 .
So I dont know whats happening but it works!
Using virtualdub did not fixed the sync problem although it was impresively compressed.
I finally went with camtasia and it did a good job, just the audio a bit distorted but enough for what I need.

Hope to find a better way for the next videos :P
Sounds really promising!
Im not a GL guru, so dont trust me too much but I believe is crossplatform because all the above layer is always opengl.

Theres a way to pass a variable to the shader so I believe that a day/night cycle kinda shader should be possible.

Let me know if any of you goes further as is a subject that really interest me too. :P