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Im having troubles with z_print.

the fonts are been writen in a black layer, without aplying alpha.
should I apply something else?
Hi mates,

Just a trivial question that has crossed my mind several times.

When you develop for devices like iPhone with really big screen dpis, did you do all the graphics stuff at 300 dpi (iphone screen dpi) or at a usual 72 dpi??
Is there any visual difference?

I use to do it all with 72 dpi but I´m not sure if I´m doing right when looking for best aesthetics.
No me hagas mucho caso pero a bote pronto diria que pruebes a substituir

IF a$ = "palabra" OR "vivir"
IF a$ = "palabra" OR a$ = "vivir"

lo mismo para el otro IF posterior
Yo tengo el 1 y va de lujo  =D
Buena compra.
Te lo explico en español para no liarme.

GLBasic funciona internamente en C. Los arrays en C usan punteros.

Me pasaba una cosa rara al usar arrays en GLB y pensé que habria algún bug en el código en C de Gernot.
En GLB no hay punteros, por lo que no podemos usarlos directamente.
Cosa que no implica que no existan de verdad y puedan dar problemas.

No se si me explico.

Pensaba que habia algún problema con las versiones nuevas de IOS.

Well, Im not using pointers directly in my GLB code but they are beeing used internally for handle all the arrays in C.
The weird behaviour did me think there was an "internal" issue.
Hehehe, I followed your advices and it worked perfectly.
Thanks mates!! You are great!

The tablet arrived last friday!!!  =D

I´ve been on holidays so I had near no time to play with it.
It will be really handy for porting all the stuff to Android!  =D =D =D

It feels good and the performance is really fine.  ;)

I have tried to compile something but it seems Win 7 is not recognizing it properly and the apk is not beeing installed. I believe its a problem with the usb drivers. could be?
I'm trying to contact the manufacturer in order to solve it.

Tomorrow I will try to install it directly using an SD.

[attachment deleted by admin]
I have an enemy type with an array inside wich is used for the A* algorithm result.

If I delete an enemy inside a FOREACH with the DELETE command, the arrays containing the A* result of the rest of the enemies is been modified. It seems like a problem with the pointers, maybe?

In other words, when I deleted an enemy, all the other enemies' paths are messed.

For better understanding I will post you the code.
Thanks in advance and hope anyone can guide me correctly :)

Code (glbasic) Select

Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION SpawnEnemy:

LOCAL temp AS TEnemy
temp.x = (sx-1)*RND(1)
temp.y = RND(sy-1)
temp.w = 26
temp.h = 34 = 100
temp.speed = 1

temp.pathlength = FINDPATH(map[], temp.path[], 0.0, temp.x/mapstep, temp.y/mapstep, (sx/2)/mapstep, (sy/2)/mapstep)

IF temp.pathlength > 0
DIMPUSH enemies[], temp


Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION MoveEnemies:
FOREACH temp IN enemies[]

LOCAL a = temp.path[0][0]*mapstep - temp.x
LOCAL b = temp.path[0][1]*mapstep - temp.y
LOCAL m=SQR(a*a + b*b)

IF m < 1
//reached checkpoint
IF LEN(temp.path[]) > 1
DIMDEL temp.path[], 0
//reached objective
temp.dx = (a/m) * temp.speed
temp.dy = (b/m) * temp.speed"

INC temp.x, temp.dx
INC temp.y, temp.dy

IF <= 0 THEN DELETE temp


quisiera saber si a dia de hoy las inapp purchases funcionan y de ser el caso donde puedo encontrar la última versión del código.

Tengo que empezar un proyecto en breve y necesito el tema de las compras obligatoriamente. No quiero tener que hacerlo en cocos sólo por la tienda.

He estado buscando por el foro y está todo el tema bastante liado con varios hilos desperdigados.

looking good!
Thanks to all, it was a hard weekend!
you god!!!

:nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: