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Hi There,

here is some Bluetooth Multiplayer blah

Add these lines into your Project.

--- Code: (glbasic) ---IMPORT "C" void GLB_iBT_Init()
IMPORT "C" void GLB_iBT_Start(const char* sessID)
IMPORT "C" int GLB_iBT_Send(const char* strValue)
IMPORT "C" const char* GLB_iBT_Recv()
IMPORT "C" int GLB_iBT_Connected()

--- End code ---

use this functions in your game. Init at start of your Program, Start opens the Bluetooth search dialog.

to compile add attached lib and GameKit.framework to your xcode project.

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great ! :happy:

Another fine release, well done Truci!  :good:

Can anyone recommend a good link on Bluetooth networking? Its completely new to me.

Hi there,

As usual another great work coming from trucidare!

Thanks for sharing!

King Regards, fjsantos.

Trucidare iz da man  8)


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