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Hi there,

now closed OpenFeint discussion and opened Agon.

Ok first i post my Wrapper for GLBasic. Some new functions, hope its easy to use.

More infos soon :D

Ok Now time for Release!!! :D

Step by Step Guid:

1. -> Download XCode.rar from : and Unrar it
1a. -> Go to X:/Program Files/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/iPhone
1b. -> Rename XCode folder to XCode - Non AGN
1c. -> Copy the unrared XCode folder to X:/Program Files/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/iPhone
2. -> Download GLBAgon.gbas from :
3. -> Open your Game
4. -> Add GLBAgon.gbas to your Project
5. -> Call GLB_AGN_Init() at start of your Program
6. -> Call GLB_AGN_Create("Your Secret from AGON Developer Dashboard",ServerType) // Servertypes are in GLBAgon.gbas
7. -> Call all other Agon Commands
8. -> Before you can add Achivements and Highscores to AGON you must Call GLB_AGN_StartGameSession() // i think its the best you start the session only if you are in the Game, not Menu
9. -> Dont Forget to Close the Session
10. -> Build for iPhone
11. -> Copy to Mac
12. -> Download Bundle from AGON Developer Dashboard
13. -> Copy it to xcode folder parallel to Media Folder
14. -> Open Xcode Project
15. -> Change Info.plist
16. -> Compile and have Fun :D

Known issues:

-> Colors dont work yet - vars lost values from function a to funtion b - dont understand why.
-> opening the dashboard two times it will crash (bug send to agon, hope for fix) ((crashes only if the user is online - offline users dont have any crashes))

Thanks and have fun

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Thank you for the work you put into this  :good:

Hi Trucidare,

Great Work! I will download inmmediately!
A little question, have I only to download the 'bundle pack' of agon and add to xcode project or I have to do anything else?

King Regards, fjsantos.

i will create a xcode project that you copy to your glbasic directory. then you only open it on a mac copy your bundle into resources and compile.

debug my wrapper lib at this moment. My Xcode cached all so i have the same problem for some hours. :/

Thanks for you reply trucidare,

I know understand how i must use it.
I will implement my achievements sheet, and some leaderboards to test later.

Thanks again for share your work!

King Regards, fjsantos.

pd->Have you twitter?


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