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Hi There,

Now time for OpenFeint :)

1. Download the Xcode.rar file.
2. Unrar it
3. Go to X:/Program Files/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/iPhone
4. Rename XCode folder to XCode - Non OF
5. Copy the unrared XCode folder to X:/Program Files/GLBasic/Compiler/platform/iPhone
6. Run GLBasic
7. Open your Project
8. Add following OpenFeint.gbas to your Project
9. Write your Game
10. add the functions declared in 8 to your game
11. Compile
12. Copy to mac
13. Compile Xcode Project with XCode
14 Be happy

for questions answer in this thread.

Known Issues

-> table content in OpenFeint are slow, hope for a quick solution but not sure how. (tab and wait after some time it will click with row) - solved
-> Slowdown after some playing some level. (thanks Kittie for finding the bug) Working on solution. - thanks kittie for solving.

Download Link ->
(Thanks to Hatanostick for Hosting)

Some Infos:

-> OpenFeint Version 2.4.3
-> libGLBOpenFeint.a Version 1.5
-> Wrapper Version 1.2

Post you Problems, Questions or Requests.

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Kitty Hello:
trucidare: Can't you make the thing, so we can download the SDK sperately from the OF server and make the GLBasic specific package smaller?
Would be easer to update OF then, too...

Update OpenFeint is only copy new OpenFeint into XCode->Glbasic->OpenFeint
Then OpenFeint is the newest.

I can remove OpenFeint from XCode project but you must add it by yourselfe.

Sweet!  So, is there any documentation on how to use it for n00bs?

Read the first post. 14 Steps to luck :D


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