Does the Help Creator work with the latest version?

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AndyH just pointed out that GLB has its own help creator.  I've tried to get it working but I can't seem to get any text to flow through to the help file.  Anybody got any tips?  Also in the example shown in the help file the function has an @ sign in front of it.  What does this do?




Cheers Ocean thats handy to know :)  Do you have any more top tips like that?


Yes, the latest version will create a help file.

Code (glbasic) Select
// \param myexample$ - my example parameter
//! myexample$ is a string parameter
// \return data is passed through in this example
FUNCTION TEST: myexample$
RETURN myexample$

This example will be found as projectname.gbas.html

Note: @ shouldnt have an affect on building a help file, this is merely a feature inside the editor, and has no affect concerning your program.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Doh!  Just worked out what I was doing wrong.  I was typing in the notes as described, but I hadn't actually saved the sourced coded before running the create help option.  ;/