Windows FILEREQUEST$ doesn't work in debug mode

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Code (glbasic) Select
[code=glbasic]Using this :

[code=glbasic]DEBUG "1\n"
file$=FILEREQUEST$(TRUE,"Executable *.exe|*.exe")
DEBUG "2\n"

1 is displayed, but 2 isn't - and no dialog window is displayed either[/code][/code]


Works fine for me if I remove that last (code) block. If I don't it complains on "temp456.gbas"(0) error : syntax error. Seems it doesn't like it if there isn't a linebreak on the last line when compiling with an error on the last line.

After removing (code) and adding a linebreak on the end it opens up a fileselector both with and without debug mode activated. I'm running windows XP still. :-)


Now, I'm using Vista, which could be the problem.  I'll have to check to see if works on XP okay here.

Note :  It only seem to affect Vista x64 and not the 32-bit version.