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From what I recall - the 64bit compile exe just overwrites the x86 one... in the same folder...
and u can check by a simple inspection of the exe I think?

Cant remember how though...
I think I found your answer - using loadsound only with music in wav - nothing more advanced?
Then maybe check every few seconds for if the sound is still playing?
Hmm, okay - so not to use?

PLAYMUSIC "zenblockstrack3b.mp3",  TRUE

or$()+"/zenblockstrack3b.mp3", musvol, TRUE)


Did you have to remove music or how did you do music?
Hi Dreamerman!
My AV BitDefender doesnt like the steam gbas files when trying to compile...
strip.exe fails on output.obj
Any ideas?
Hi Guys,
Just wondering if anyone has the steam deck?
And if they could try Zen Blocks on it for :)
I have steam keys
Hi Guys,
I want to add achievements to my zen blocks game - so this should be straightforward then ?

Yes, seen that steam notice - ;) nice excuse for me to buy a shiny new laptop...
Hi, Just to mention i did notice a slight screen tear issue when trying Greedy Mouse - on my browser..?
No, Windows 7 Pro :D

maybe a inline call to check minimised?
Also keypresses while minimised are still firing in the app?
Is there a way to prevent that?
Did you upload your aab to Google as well?
Excellent - assume it wont force update my existing android projects?
and the new Android format will fire on a new clean project only?

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2023-Apr-17
and you're using systempointer true, autopause false?

Hi, yes wasnt using autopause false last week - am now, not seeing the issue.

Although music keeps playing - but I haven't tried resolve the music part yet - assume a GLB On Pause with stop / start music?
Quote from: bigsofty on 2023-Apr-07
I had problems with the INTEGER command iirc. It was producing weird rounding errors. I never liked how it rounded down from 0.9 to 0 either.

BTW, as long as you store a (floating point)number in an integer variable it will implicitly be cast to an integer so no need for direct casting.

I don't use GLBs RND function (I use my own) but doesn't that produce integers? If so then I don't think you need to use INTEGER at all in your code.

Thanks - I'll check that out...