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Hi, thanks for the reply. I think I understand the need for a webserver and the SETLOOPSUB, but I wonder if you have any more detail about the restrictions around file write access? This is something I might like to try and do if possible, so I'd like to know what can't be done.
I'm thinking of purchasing the HTML5 Compiler on Steam (I have the Steam version of GLB). I can't seem to find any documentation for it (apart from a few notes on the Steam site):

QuoteThis compiler, using Emscripten, results in an html webpage, that runs your GLBasic application/game in any modern webbrowser. You can also use it to export GLBasic function to JavaScript for other projects. Emscripten will compile a wasm (Web assembly) for you, that runs really fast.
There are two options included:

    HTML5-WebGL - This uses the webgl backend and allows fast graphics, using hardware accelleration
    HTML5 - This uses a builtin graphics engine, that renders the output per pixel. It's not as fast as webgl, but more compatible for older computers or computers with higher security limitations.

There are some limitations, though:

    You must run the main loop using SETLOOPSUB, instead of a classic WHILE TRUE; ...; WEND loop.
    File write access is quite limited
    The data must be loaded using a real webserver, or a local webserver (included for testing). Modern browsers will refuse to load graphics, if you just open the html file from the local drive.

I've had a nose around the forum and elsewhere for some more documentation but without luck. I'd be interested to know a bit more before buying it if possible (although might just take the plunge and have a play with it  =D )

If anyone knows of any guides, release note docs would be much appreciated! I did find a 9 year old thread testing html5 but nothing recent for the Steam release.
Off Topic / Re: RIP Oli Frey
I subscribe to the new Crash magazine ( - he produced some very good artwork and certainly someone missed in the community.
That's a really good question! Day to day I'm getting on fine with GLB but always nice to see new things appearing however small.
I suppose my no.1 thing for me would be to able to compile to the latest Mac OS and 64 bit Linux, but I know from previous discussions this is no mean feat :)
Just wondering if anyone has heard about any updates coming to GLB this year? It seems very quiet so far... I know last year we had several small updates which although small were nice to see things still getting updated  :)

Looks really professional @dreamerman thanks for sharing. Love seeing these GLB games on Steam, real inspiration to keep pressing on with my projects :)
For anyone following I've sorted things with Ian.. certainly not my intention to masquerade as an experienced forum admin :)  For those interested I had simply chosen a stock avatar, so it does appear user uploads are added to the this list.
For me not being able to compile for the latest Mac OS isn't a deal breaker. It's a nice to have but as long as it works in Windows there's always things like VMWare and Parallels :)
I think I can compile my project for Mac OS in GLBASIC v14 but I've only used v12 so far. I've been compiling v12 because, as far as I know, there's no difference in terms of Mac OS compiling in v14, but I happy to be corrected on that  :)
I've not been able to compile for Mac OS in GLBASIC v15 or v16. If it's possible in some way I'd be interested to know how. I ran into compilation errors, some of which I found on this forum but couldn't find any suitable fixes.
In terms of running the project on Mac OS, I'm only getting it to run in older versions of Mac OS. I'm using 10.11 but I think I'm okay up to 10.14. If anyone has got a GLBasic project running on a later version of Mac OS I'd be interested to know how. With my M1 Mac using MacOS 12.3 it's out the running. However I don't think there's any fundamental problem with the hardware - my project runs very nicely on the M1 in Parallels and Windows 11 (as does GLBasic v16 for Steam).
Off Topic / Re: Covid
Sounded really rough, glad you're on the mend  :) Managed to avoid it here in England so far but it's getting harder now there's no rules.
Sounds like you're progressing really well with this and definitely something I'd love to see up and running in your game!
Quick update, Gernot's been in touch with a licence key that I can use with v12, and the good news is newly compiled versions of my game now work on my Mac without 'Demo' appearing on the screen - success!  :booze:
Thanks for the reply  :)
Not sure about my decoding skills with the licence file but I've sent Kitty Hello a message so hopefully I'll hear soon.

By the way I think the contact form for Gernot on the website contact page is broken, I'll let him know hopefully when I get in touch through the forum.
Looks really nice! :)
I'm late to the party.. this is an excellent implementation of the game. Plays at a perfect speed and timing. Great work!  =D