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OK, then the right term would be "auto-locked", but I think it is locked when dashboard is completely shown, my game is an action one, and when I touch to show the achievement unlocked, see it, and return to game, I lose "something" in the process. I say it because I accumulate some MISS (that is when you lose a target out of the screen).

IMO it would be a good idea to "lock" the game just when begin to show the dashboard and "unlock" after a second or two that it hides completely, if possible.

But, as achievements are not something you unlock so many times surely it is not priority.

I am compiling with the OpenFeint 2.4.5 instead with the one included in the lib.
Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to detect if dashboard is visible to pause the game, for example if the user touchs at the new achievement unlocked.
Quote2. why on normal polyvector the color param or alphamode is so slow?
Quote2. colour pointers are very expensive on OpenGL|ES devices. Use a texture instead wherever applicable.

Please clarify me, that means that setting and ALPHAMODE other than 0 or passing a param col% to POLYVECTOR is slow on iPhone and other OpenGL ES devices?.
Quoteapp. 'sandbox'

OK, that is all I need to know, thanks.  :good:
On iPhone once we set the project screen it can't be changed, so for changing the screen between portrait and landscape in the same application we can only do currently a CREATE/USESCREEN.

This effectively draws what we want, but it can't be used really on iPhone, the simple sentence:
drops automatically game FPS from 60 to 40 doing nothing inside, and drawing into one screen other than -1 is much worse.

Then, a solution is rotating our graphics and handling the X and Y so we play in one mode but draw in the other one, this is not much complicated.

The main problem if when we need to draw text (and we will need to do it for sure), as said before using a CREATE/USESCREEN is not an option because FPS dropping, so I think a simple ROTOPRINT could solve all this problem.

It can be extended to ZOOM and ROTOZOOM as with spritres, but that is secondary. However, in my opinion a ROTOZOOM is essential for iPhone development.
For save data we need to use the PLATFORMINFO$("DOCUMENTS") command, but I have the question about what folder targets that command, I mean, is it the "DOCUMENTS" iPhone folder or the "APPLICATION DOCUMENTS" folder?. Because if it is the 1st case we would need to create dirs with the App name if not we are writing always in the same location in all apps.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2010-Feb-05
Why do you care?

Because the content, a program can compile in PC but it could not work correctly on iPhone if it uses some wrong filenames.
Hello, as GLBasic does not support unicode then characters is not a problem for filenames, but its length can be, someone knows the max filename length for iPhone system?, to use with GLBasic "LOAD..." functions.