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Ok, made a quick test and I couldn't save data onto the iPhone.

Im sure KP will come along soon and give us a definitive answer on this.  Perhaps we can only save in special folder?


Some good questions there :)  And ones I don't know the answers to, but will in coming days.

Ref Memory Allocation, you can still use Xcode Instruments to measure the performance of your app.  So you should be able to see how much memory and cpu time your app takes.

Ref the Data Persistence thats a good question and I will make a quick test this morning to see.
Yep that fixed it.  Thanks guys.  Shame I used const throughout most of the programs I have written so far  :S  Find and replace here I come :)
Just updated to 7.089 and now my code which ran well under 7.087 fails with syntax errors.  if fails to compile CONST declarations.  Did something change?

[EDIT] whats strange is that const is still highlighted as a reserved word in the IDE, but instead of being in capitals it always reverts to lowercase. 


Works now on version 7.089...  odd as I thought I had the latest version because at the top of the screen here in the forums it says the current version is 7.085?  I guess I have to hit that internet update button every day :)
Yep I did, and the offset are still wrong.  All the lines are have an origin at the center of the screen instead of the top left.  As I say it runs fine on the PC, its just is wrong on the iPhone.
Yep drawline doesn't work.  I report it a few days back...

Hi Mike, no need to worry.  Indeed the enrollment process is confusing.  I remember it saying something along the lines that everything had been completed when it wasn't.  It was far from clear.  Anyway the next day I got another email confirming all was complete and could then log into the dev area properly.

iPod 2G has a mic, its just not external.  You have to access it through the jack plug.  I use my iPod for skype calls a lot.
I guess the main differences between an iPhone and iPod Touch (2G) is :

  • You can't make phone calls from the iPod ;) but with the 2G version of the iPod you can make skype calls (apple headphone with mic required, or external mic)
  • iPhone can connect to the internet using its mobile phone connection, iPod needs to be near a wifi hotspot.
  • iPhone 3Gs has compass built in, iPod doesn't.

Other than that there isn't much of difference, especially when it comes to development of apps.
Drawline origin seems to be off by half the screen size when compiled and run on the iPhone.  The following codes draws a line from one corner of the iphone screen to the other

Drawline 0,0,320,480,RGB(255,255,255)

This run fine on the PC, but when run on the iPhone the line starts in the middle of the screen and ends at the bottom right hand corner.
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Ive got an iPod Touch and it doesn't do what you describe.  I don't have any clicking and it doesn't feel loose.  I've never heard of this before, though describing how something feels in writing can be difficult.  Is yours new?  If so I would perhaps take it back to the shop and ask to compare it with others they have there. 
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Ok I stand corrected :)  It seems PPC or non apple Intel machines can be used  :whistle:  I guess I just prefer the easy and supported route.  Sokurah I would be interested to hear how you get on.    Does this mean we will get PPUXB on the iphone?
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Movies were already downloaded on the iPod.  I've been watching Lost for a few years now, so I load up a couple of episode when ever I travel.

To test apps on your device you will need a couple of things... first and yet more cost you will need an Apple Iphone dev account.  It costs about $99 per year and allows you to deploy your apps on your machine and/or the iTunes store.  And like I say unfortunately you will need to compile this code on an Intel Mac.  You can always develop and test your app on the PC using GLB and then port it across once you are far enough along.  The only thing you can't really do on the PC is simulate multi touch input.  

Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Hi, if you want to compile apps for the iDevice then you will need an Intel Mac, unfortunately you can't compile on a PowerPC.  Mac Mini is probably your cheapest options.  I think you also need to be running OSX 10.5 and above.

Yep its much more than an mp3 player.  I hardly play music on my iPod.  I tend to use it more for apps, and watching movies on flights.