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I'm  having fun too, with GLbasic.....

I tried Python for a little while, but found it too slow, so I am switching between GLbasic & Javascript\p5.js.

The one downside to using Javascript is, that everything has to be done in the browser window, which can get annoying
at times, but it does support .ttf fonts :)

Hopefully they will implement .ttf in GLbasic soon, still can't understand why it is advertised as being in version 1.6 though  ::)

Thanks for the reply......

I don't understand, as it's advertised, as supported in version 1.6 ?

Oh well, back to steam for a refund, what a waste of time.

Have been using the trial version of GLbasic for about a year, so have been loading fonts, in the .png format.

I have just purchased the steam version, which says, it supports .ttf fonts, but I can't get them to load.

Can anyone, point me in the right direction ?