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Quote from: Schranz0r on 2023-May-09Everyone can set the ProCurve-Theme in the Profile for himself.
I don't see that option?
Um, where am I? Lol, now this looks cool. Well done Gernot.  :good:

Oh, and I don't use Tapatalk either.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
Wow, kinda scarey but wow!  :blink:
Looking great Spacefractal. Have you though of lowering the resolution of the graphics? I think this would look great with a retro vibe?
I had problems with the INTEGER command iirc. It was producing weird rounding errors. I never liked how it rounded down from 0.9 to 0 either.

BTW, as long as you store a (floating point)number in an integer variable it will implicitly be cast to an integer so no need for direct casting.

I don't use GLBs RND function (I use my own) but doesn't that produce integers? If so then I don't think you need to use INTEGER at all in your code.
Greedy Mouse has sound now.
Also on Mobile Safari(ipad), sll smooth and play well :good:

Greedy Mouse has no sound though?
Sorry Loftcat, had sudden family tragedy, dealing with that just now.
Looks good Loftcat, will give it a bash when I finally get back in the house next week.   :good:
Have a good one guys!  :good:

Large head,small body
Cartoon outline
Use less dull colours, more bright primary colours...


Good stuff!  :good:

type is not defined : TYPE 'GameInputs' has no member 'GetPlayerName$'

Possibly a custom function for your game?
Lookin good Spacefractal, I'll test it when I get back to my house, tomorrow night.  :good: