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2D-snippets / Re: Very fast floodfill
« on: 2022-Jan-15 »
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing Qedo.
Dreamerman, I remember your path finding routine and this could definitely improve it.
Lode Vandevenne is a very good programmer especially for retro coding.
QuickCG is so coOol  :P

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 2021-Dec-24 »
 :D  :good: 

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-23 »
Ah ok I understand better like that  :good: Thks

For the name at the start it was a mix of Simple (SnooPI also why not  ;)) + GLBasic  + Engine.
But "Game/Graphics" is also good.

However, the name is not final, especially since there are already several 3D engines with the same name :(
I would have to find another one before the final version.

In fact I saw that almost all the abbreviations for 3D engines are already taken.
So I will keep the same and as the engine can easily work with another language, the G will be for "Game" and the "S" will be whatever we want (Simple, Super, Small, SnooPI :P, ...)

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-23 »
Yes you are probably right, I would have to do some tests on a real graphics card for DX.
However, for the moment I would only keep the OGL rendering.

Quote from: dreamerman
Nevertheless your Irrlicht wrapper works without problems
It's not just an Irrlicht Wrapper, it's SGE!  :rant:  :P
-The Irrlicht wrapper is not just a simple transcription of Irrlicht functions, it's a little more complex.
-The engine uses 2 wrappers, one for Irrlicht but also another for irrKlang (for 3D sound)
-In the future, I plan to add AI and then more advanced physics.
So it's not only Irrlicht Engine,  it's SGEngine  ;)
In addition, the irrKlang and Irrlicht file system is "synchronized", this allows for example to use addzip even with irrKlang.
I just now have to do the same with loadscene  :whistle:

Quote from: dreamerman
keeping all core code behind curtain in SGE lib...
Damn, my bad English prevents me from fully understanding the beginning of this sentence  :doubt:

Quote from: dreamerman
so would be easier for him to transit to GLB, another thing that some functions can be handy during prototyping phase.
In fact we can easily use SGE in C/C ++  ;)

Quote from: dreamerman
Keep up good work, built-in some kind of physic will be interesting to see :-)
It's on fire.

Quote from: dreamerman
Happy Christmas! :)
You too and thank you for your feedback on this engine  :good:

Maybe later I'll do a tutorial in the form of a 3D mini-game to help people with their project with it.
For now, I will continue to add examples.
If anyone starts a project or even a few tries with SGE, I will be very interested to see it  :booze:

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-21 »
 :booze:  Bigsofty

New update.
Some functions have been rewritten and renamed, examples that used them have been updated.
Only 2 examples have been added but they are important because they show how to load a scene and create collisions from it.

I've put a link to an old version of irrEdit (in fact I've not yet tested the compatibility with the latest version  :-[)

Good fun.

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-08 »
Oh sorry Dreamerman, it's only now that I see your message  :(

Quote from: dreamerman
Very nice, clean coding and well structured. Looks very easy to use. Checked several things, they are working without issues even on iGPU.
Thanks  :booze: Yes, anyway I only have that at home and it's an old iGPU  :D
But if it's fast on my PC, it's normally fast everywhere, even on mobile  ;)

Quote from: dreamerman
I have some tech questions, as always :D I'm curious, as Irrlicht could use several render API's (OGL, DX, software), You most likely are using OpenGL, are you creating another OGL context or using that already made by GLB? Does Irrlicht have now something more advanced than basic collision detection? (years ago they wanted to include some physic lib like Newton or Bullet if I remember correctly).
You are right, the first version of SGE uses OGL and DX9 but I noticed a lot of issues with Windows 10, apparently Microsoft wants the developers to ditch DX9 completely  ;/
So I dropped DX9 and at the same time the software rendering, it's technically interesting but without much interest for serious development. The Irrlicht DLL has also been updated (so it's smaller).
No real physics engine for the moment but I plan to implement one soon (as well as an AI).
SGE uses its own OGL context.
The collision detection is great and even though the physics is basic it can do some interesting things (see example 12).

Quote from: dreamerman
Thing about motivation, yeah, specially for larger project where so many things need to be done it sometimes hard, but I'm glad that you found perseverance to finish this ;)
Your encouragement helps me  ;)

I did a big update, restructured the code, added / rewrote some functions, optimized others and removed DX9
With OGL it's a bit slower in windowed mode but in full screen it's almost as fast (tested on my old iGPU  =D)
I also added 5 examples.

I put the engine on MediaFire to allow me to update it more easily for small changes (like adding a comment for example).
For big updates like bug fixes, optimization, adding examples, ... I would put a message here.

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate.
Happy Christmas to all (despite the Covid  :sick:).

Very interesting.
Thank you for this information Loftcat.

Welcome to you  :booze:

Not easy to answer without a snippet of the code  ;)
Try that: Enable vsync with the LIMITFPS function.

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« on: 2021-Nov-19 »
No problemo  =D

Just to let you know I´m interested into it too, if I haven´t said that before :D
:D  I don't remember  ;)

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Nov-19 »
Only had a quick look but it's very imressive work SnooPI! Nicely structured code, with lots of remarks.
The original Irrlicht wrapper was in this style, I kept it for clarity and to be able to understand it without difficulty even after years.
In addition, it saves me from having to write documentation ;) we understand perfectly the engine with only the examples.

this is a great job, congratulations SnooPI and thanks for sharing it
With pleasure  :booze:
Hope this engine will help to make quality 3D easily.

Thanks guys, I added 4 examples (from now on I would put "NEW" in the code for each new example).

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Nov-17 »
With a lot of delay (for lack of motivation I admit it :-[) here is a new update for SGE  :booze:

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« on: 2021-Nov-16 »
I wanted to send it today but I just realized that I forgot an example with the GUI  ;/
So tomorrow probably.
Thank you for continuing to be interested in this project and your compliment, I have worked a lot on this engine and this demo this week  :good:

If you need a specific example let me know  ;)

Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« on: 2021-Nov-14 »
 :D :D

Thanks for the info Dreamerman, it was long but very interesting  :good:

Although I don't like Blender's interface it's a very good news.

(reminder to myself: always comment code. Code you wrote 5 years ago is code someone else might have written...)
:D I confirm!

I have a few ideas for 3d and the likes but it has been quite hard to get anything going.
If you need help don't hesitate  ;)

Is there any way we can help you out?
Good idea :good:

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