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Problems With GACK on iPad

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Kitty Hello:
Xes. It's really just a matter of releasing it now. Stay tuned. I hope to be able to do this still in october.

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as i said in my las t post, my game is really on the end : but i now have a problem with sounds!!

i think there is a problem : when i go in "sounds" menu : i can choose slots, edit a sound , chose a name for the sound, but each time i say"ok" nothing is save and the sound disappears.. can you check that, maybe it's me but i don't think...

I also just catch the apps for imac : but when i want to launch it, i chose the language and then it say "failed to connect to device..." and tell i should chose wifi-sync?? could it be possible to share works on the ipad application with computers?? it will be great...

So i now just wait for my sound problem and the "publish" button, and it will be perfect!!

merry christmas to all!!!  :booze:

Kitty Hello:
hi, does the Sound slot actually have a sound?

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I test it again, it seem to work fine ( by first editing The slots With the sound menu )

I don't know What i havé done.... :noggin:

I Will keep you informed

Now i Will be able to finish my game called "super Juliette"

happy new year!

i've just discovered the new update!!!!!!!!!!!!! :enc:

but...i have 2 questions:

- there is still no "publish button"!!

- what is wifi sync for??? i have downloaded the app on my imac : when i use "wifi sync" the app seems to work : but my ipad game is not on my mac...

could it be possible to put my work in progress on my mac?? it will be great to save it!!!! because i spend many hours on it and i am really afraid to lose it....

i haven't try to open the app on my mac and to use wifi sync on my ipad : because i am afraid that my work disappear....

one last question : if i need to save my ipad with itunes and to restore it one day : will i keep all my work??

thanks a lot!!!!!


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