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GLBasic Expert needed to assist in updating a GLBasic coded iOS Game.

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I need an experienced GLBasic programmer to assist me with some update work on my iOS app (developed originally in GL).  If you are interested please let me know and we will arrange to discuss offline....  Thanks! :)

Ian Price:
Is it an app or a game?  Is the app already published on iOS platforms? Link? Why are you no longer developing in GL?

I might be interested, depending on my questions above. PM me.

A little more bait might attract more fish. :)

Thanks Ian....  Have PMed you....

Some more info for others who might be interested...

The app is a lovely little simple game coded in GL.  I did not create it....  I purchased it from the developer as I loved his work...  It has been working on the app store perfectly since early 2011 until about 3 days ago when we pulled it to complete the ownership transfer.  had some fantastic reviews early in its release, but like many (!) games with no work (love!) they slowly disappear....

I have redone the graphics (only a couple of screens), but now need someone with the knowledge to help me update it, include a couple of new features and repost it to itunes.  Obviously I will compensate ($$$$!) you for your time, knowledge and assistance! 

Not a big job.....  But definitely outside my abilities :-)



I'd like kindly to note a repeat request for a formal jobs section on the forum for new members canvasing for projects.  :offtopic:

Ian Price:
Gernot has now implemented one. Topic moved.

[EDIT] PM not received.  :blink:


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