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I implemented two new functions into my 2DEntitySystem:

- GetDistanceToEntity#: entity1%, entity2%
- GetDistanceToPoint#: entity%, x%, y%

The latest version is in the first post!


--- Quote from: backslider on 2012-Jun-18 ---If you have ideas for more demos, then tell me please!
I will try to implement them. :)

--- End quote ---

I will think of a few ;/

Can you branch the objects? Like each one has a personal 3 or 4 mores objects going like a snake on each side?

Sorry, I don't know if I understand you right.

You want 3 or 4 snakes with some body parts, is that right?
If not, could you draw a sketch?  :nana:


--- Quote from: backslider on 2012-Jun-19 ---If not, could you draw a sketch?  :nana:

--- End quote ---

of course, here it goes.
It is like the snake demo, but each part carries a snake on its own.

Not sure if it is possible or if it could be a good demo.
Thing is similar to a fish skeleton.

But the appended snakes would be moving not on a hard way, but with a delay just as the main body.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This idea is great!

I added a demo with a buggy "fish" who is following your mouse, but the idea with "bones" doesn't work now.  :P
Try the demo "Demo004_TheFish". ;)


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