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Compressing a file/array by saving as PNG

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I am interested in compressing a file using Png compression but unfortunately the source is no longer available on the forum.
It shouldn't be hard to rewrite it but I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel.
Could someone please, Wampus ?, make it available on the forum?
Thank you
Ad maiora

don't worry i solved it by myself. I finally have my personalized shoebox  which uses png compression.

If You can don't forget to share it here ;) Every code, specially with some tricks can learn us something.
Can it store multiple files? I'm not sure if there is some Mem2Sound function so does it support different file types or only images, maybe with some encoding for protection.

when it is finished I will definitely share it  :good:. Now I'm optimizing the speed because it's a bit slow at the moment. The customized shoebox is written in pure GLBasic and therefore, since the Mem2Sound command is not present, the sound files will not be managed normally. However, the logic of the program is this:
all files in the Media folder will be compressed with png logic. Once unpacked, only the bmp, jpg, png files can be managed thanks to Mem2Sprite in the program, while all the others must be saved unpacked in the same Media folder.
ad maiora


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