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--- Quote from: Schranz0r on 2009-Sep-08 ---Oooops....

Look at Samples/Common/gl.gbas

works fine!

--- End quote ---

Did you also test it by creating an IPhone project?

That wont work, EGL is not the same as OpenGL, EGL, put simply, allows OpenGLES access to the rendering surfaces of the iPhone... the nearest I can think of a similar library is something like GLUT, in that its there to assist the underlying rendering API, rather than do the actual rendering... the main thing to remember though is that the iphone is using OpenGLES not openGL, two different APIs.

...then again, this is only what I've looked up, I've yet to dabble in the iPhone as I cant afford one yet... :P


OPENGLES is a cut down version of OPENGL specifically designed for mobile/handheld devices.

A noticeable difference is that you dont have to use glbegin()  glend()

lots of other differences of course :)

Quite a few things don't work on android because of GLES. Gernot describes that nicely in a topic about deploying to iOS. The same problems happen because of GLES restrictions. I remember that grabsprite, texture bump, shadows, etc. don't work. I found it useful to build all the 3D demo programs to (your device)/my tablet to see what works and what doesn't.
However everything works on a computer thanks to openGL.


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