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It would be interesting to re-visit (and totally complete with a view to being fully release) my pseudo 3D game.  There is, as usual, one ever-so-slight problem : Lack of artistic skills :)  And lack of suitable free graphics.

I have got an engine already (as seen in the showroom), and I believe I sorted out what was causing the jiggling. 

The main need is graphics - for everything (cars, side scenery and background), of which there will be a lot.

Sorry,I draw much like a 6 year old child.

Ian Price:
If I only had the time... :(


--- Quote from: monkeybot1968 on 2015-Sep-09 ---Sorry,I draw much like a 6 year old child.

--- End quote ---
This is my latest masterpiece...

hehe, might be a quick draw, but I think the cat´s face carries expression!

A racer would be cool, specially during these "8-bit racer 80s" time.
I´m short on time these much life stuff taking over.

But I sure can share some ideas:
If possible, please please super please, don´t break the resolution and skip transparencies.
The latest 8-bit racers I checked are all resolution broken, ye, the road´s polygons are at my state resolution while car and assets along the road are hardcore pixellated. Keep the art on the level of your road resolution at all costs. Secondly, please, don´t use transparent effects, like dust and so on, they make the game feel visually poor (imho).

I have lately delved into low res low color games, and Jonnection did a really well Hang Out clone here:

Page 3 has some animgifs of it and page 5 has some cars.

Gameplay wise, I would not delve too far away from classics like LOTUS.

What is the workload you have in mind? Any style favored?


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