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From the makers of LogMeIn, CUBBY it is coming.

It is similar to dropbox, but with a few differences:

-You can share any folder on your computer (but a cubby folder can be done too)

-Synchronization between computers folders can be done without using online storage.

Currently it is in beta and has 5gb of storage.

It works on Win, Macos, iOS and Android.


Yes Ampos I use sugar sync, very similar and whit 5gb of Space... this services are very very useful, I don´t know of many times my Windows crashes, reinstall and you have all you do it...

Thanks for this service...


It seems everyone uses a different service for this?
Every agency uses one, some still pushes never-working ftps too.

Lately sendspace is what I have been using.
I will sure give CUBBY a try!

Thanks again ampos! :good:


Yep, it does bother me too on certain cases, while other cases company won´t allow uploading to unknown server by contract.

Whenever I can, I use  Simple Socket File Transfer and also for my personal stuff.
But problem is the other end is 99% a person that knows jack about computer, or the company´s computer won´t allow.
You also get into firewalls and bla bla.

Either way, you can get this one here:

go to ´internet´ and look for  Simple Socket File Transfer 1.0
whole bunch of little nice programs there. ;/


I was just looking for a program that let me share a (some) folder/s between my home computer and my work computer, to have (for example) my full GLB proyects folders mirrored in both computers, so I can a) program in both of them and b) had a backup. So with my home photos and videos. Not really to have a cloud copy.


Yes, what I want is also copying between two or more computers. I don't need cloud-storage, I just want to sync some folders over my computers. Partly for backup but mostly for having access to all data on the laptop if I need to go somewhere. I don't want to wait for two days to sync over the cloud when I can manually copy the same stuff in a few minutes.

But it has to be encrypted, otherwise it's useless.

Thanks for the link, will have a testrun when I get accepted for the beta :-)


I will try too.
But why encrypted, security?


do you often shout out all your passwords over the room when you type them in? :-)


hehe, I see.
It is just I never really saw much need, except for bank stuff or some kind of work with products that are not yet on market.