26,000 apps per week

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According to an article in L.A. Times, Apple / Appstore receives around 26,000 new apps per week.  :noggin: Although around a 30% are rejected, most of them are fixed and resent to Apple.


who wants to be millionare? Apple, for sure, is.

Kitty Hello

Gack is in review.  ... For 1 month now...


Everyone wants a piece of the iOS goldrush.
I can't even imagine how much rubbish they have to go through, there mus be hundreds of "fart apps" etc being submitted.

Gernot, I think with Gack, because of the kind of App it is, they'll have to take longer to check it out.
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Quote from: ampos on 2012-Mar-20
Appstore receives around 26,000 new apps per week.
Oh my God. This reminds me I have to complete my projects.  :doubt:


Can anyone imagine the amount of reviewers they have? HUUUUGE.

26000 per week is 2.58 apps per minute, or 115.000 per month.

Apple numbers are so huge...


a month that is really loong time. Mightbeen there is something they are not unsure but will not contact you why, so its could eventeully been fixed? Or could something been copyright thing? Pity. You cant contact what they are unsure on?

For Jungool, its only took one day review time when the queue was over.
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I always wondered how do they check too long, or too difficult games? Do they have to complete each and every game?

For example, one can make an impossibly difficult game that after level 78 turns into one big nasty Coffee Mod.
Or after level 119, it turns into an emulator of 8bit consoles, with roms included.  :P


It's just like the airport security. A smokescreen so we can feel safe :-)


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26000 per week is 2.58 apps per minute, or 115.000 per month.

Servers burning  =D