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Can we have the command "GETFILEDATE(f$)"?

Kitty Hello

what should it return? An integer with the file time in second since 1.1.1900 ?


I would prefer the date to be in the same format like PLATFORMINFO$("TIME").
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If you return it as seconds from some epoch you also need to give us some FORMAT_DATE command :-)


Or, this came up in another recent thread about file sizes greater than 2Gb, and a solution was a new data type.
You could always create a new DATE data type!

And / or, it really is just a float internally I think (days on left of decimal, time on right side).
Then math functions would work as expected (IF date1 > date2, or date3 = date1 + date2).
You would just need a format function as suggested by Moru.
You could add more functions such as seeding the date value (date1 = DATE_CONVERT(2012, 3, 14, 23, 59, 59)).

If not, kanonet's suggestion makes sense, to make all date functions consistent (if you have existing code already to handle dates).
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